Killer Instinct Characters Will Come Out in “Seasons:" Could Cost Gamers $40 Each For Full Content

Masoud of DualShockers writes:

"So have you been really mystified by Killer Instinct‘s pricing model? In an interview with Eurogamer, Microsoft’s Ken Lobb–creative director of first-party published Xbox One games–gives his opinions of why Killer Instinct‘s pay model is not free-to-play, why the game is the world’s “most generous demo,” and that characters will be coming out in “Seasons” that could cost gamers up to $40 a piece if they want all of the content available.

...One thing is clear: Microsoft is really trying something completely new with Killer Instinct, something never done before in the fighting game genre. But whether it works remains to be seen, and ultimately falls on we players.

In a genre where games have been re-released several times with minor and major updates over the span of a generation, does Killer Instinct really make you pay too much in the end? Or is the idea of limiting characters, the main attraction of fighting games, far too sinister?"

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gamingfriend1971d ago

Hahahah keep it going xbox keep it going, you aint getting no more money from and my 360 anymore we have had enough,hello ps4 ♥♥♥

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MWong1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

That article was kind of confusing.

"The content will be released in seasons that can cost gamers up to $40 a piece."
"Two bundles each with 6 characters, stages and a training mode, at launch."
"You can pay $20 again & have 16 characters, or you pay $40 again and you'll get everything."

So does that mean you pay $40's each time to get the full content per season? I can't believe M$ would try to get $80 out of a person for 1 game. Not even CapCom is that greedy.

blackbeld1970d ago

Exactly. Those crooks only can get money from retard fanboys.

KI is not like it used to be back in the 90's. Even so Street Fighter is still the King.

rainslacker1970d ago

I don't really get his explanation on why this isn't f2P. That sounds like F2P to me. Just a different model for it. It's not ingenious, nor is it new.

Christ, why is everything in gaming becoming so complicated? What ever happened to just releasing a good game and people brought those games?

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Jreca1971d ago

Maybe the pricing is a smoke-screen for how terrible the gameplay seems to be.

No_Limit1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

It is $20 bucks for the standard 8 character package and the $40 is the one with premium contents and a digital copy of Killer Instinct 1. It is no different than paying the extra money for special editions for retail games with additional contents and extras for those that want it.

I will get the $20 version as I don't have the need for additional contents and I already have a copy of KI emulated on my PC. :D

kewlkat0071971d ago

I will start with the $20 version myself.

MatriXcian1971d ago

Lol Microsoft fanboys are complete suckers.

HolyDuck1971d ago

Yea, they're complete suckers, infact, this game isn't even out yet, so no money spent, right?

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