How the PlayStation Vita Made Me Eat My Own Words

Joel Taveras writes, "Where do I begin? A little over a year ago, I went to great lengths to explain why — at the time — the Nexus 7 tablet from Asus and Google was a safer bet than the PlayStation Vita (no seriously, let me finish, this gets good). So much so, that I went out of my way to write an editorial on how I was trading in Sony’s handheld for the new piece of Android tech.

What have I done?"

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Abriael1882d ago

I hate to tell you "I told you so" but..

sincitysir11882d ago

Eventually everyone will be eating their words

TheTwelve1882d ago

It's the way of Sony consoles. You get lots of hits to hate on them, then lots of hits to say you're wrong. Same old same old.

dcj05241882d ago

Wtf did I say. I told you so lol. Its fun being right when everyone thought you we're wrong.

clearelite1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

I respect the author for admitting his mistake. Maybe he wont be so quick to make assumptions next time.

Laptops, dedicated gaming devices, and the like all have their place and there's no reason they can't coexist.

I will say it as well. I told you so. Next time you get on the hype train stop and think before you write your article.

Many people are eating their words but at least this guy has the decency to admit it.

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The story is too old to be commented.