Killzone: Shadow Fall's Multiplayer Gives Over Full Playlist Control

After building and naming your game type, you can share it with not just your friends, but with the whole Killzone: Shadow Fall community. If the game type gets more popular, it can become applicable for matchmaking, or promoted to every player's feed of suggested Warzones from the multiplayer main menu.

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fpshooter22269d ago

Awesome feature. I absolutely cant wait for this game. November seems so for away. This is my most anticipated launch title

Killa782269d ago

I remember blood gracht and corinth crossing on killzone 2. Two of the best maps on an awesome shooter.

Maddens Raiders2269d ago

Mine too buddy. Can not wait for this title to drop.

FunAndGun2269d ago

Great! Now bring back spawn grenades with a few restrictions to prevent abuse and then we are talking.

Maddens Raiders2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

"Creators are afforded with a lot of control, so it's almost certain that some of them will find ways to exploit the system, making clearly unbalanced game types and unfair match-ups. Even if those get promoted by the community, ter Heide said, Guerrilla's not going to get in the way of their growth.

"That's the cool thing, I think it's giving power to the people," ter Heide said. "Let them have the controls, and if they figure something out and we go, 'Well, this is way overpowered, what they've done is completely out of balance,' or whatever, but they enjoy playing it? Who are we to say that they can't? Better yet, let's find out what they find enjoyable about it and see if we can provide them with more options and expansion packs to customize it even further and get it to the state where they want it to be."
============================= ===============

Man GG has such a good attitude and open mind toward their creation, it almost begs gamers of all stripes to give it a test drive. These guys are awesome and I can't wait to get in there and start creating!

cell9892269d ago

I love it when COD noobs tried playing KZ2,3 and they were pwned in so many levels, saying "KZ sucks its slow blah blah blah" because in here theres no running and knifing no camping in a dark corner with an SMG, no akimbo BS, just pure unadulterated hardcore shooting, where you need real skills to win.

Philoctetes2269d ago

In fairness, the sniper rifle in KZ was a OHK anywhere on the body, which is pretty much as noob as it gets. And in KZ3, you could sit there invisible in a corner with a freaking assault rifle until they patched it. And then there was the Assault class in KZ2 . . .

I agree with you that KZ is a much better game than COD, but lets not pretend that it doesn't provide outs for noobs.

cell9892269d ago

well a noob will always exploit a game one way or another, and I do agree that we saw some of the things you mentioned, but not to an extent as you see in COD. Im not saying there arent people who pwn in both COD and Killzone, but for the most part COD boys dislike KILLZONE because of the learning curve and mandatory skills required to play efficiently. Theyre not used to recoil and human like reloading, they hate the feeling of weight while running and prefer to float around on a map.

NukaCola2269d ago

Assault class. Rocket madness in Radec Academy. Man, it was horsecrap sometimes but I loved those matches a ton. Debris flying everywhere and absolute chaos. That is when you just go all out with your pistol and try to see how many of the enemy you can dispatch before one comes and cooks himself off via rocket in the hallways.

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The story is too old to be commented.