KILLZONE Shadow Fall multiplayer on ps4

The Dev have confirmed KILLZONE Shadow Fall multiplayer will be running at 1080p and 60fps, confirming at 3:15 mark of the video.

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Maddens Raiders1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Didn't we already know this? Thank you Guerilla Gods. For me, this title cannot come soon enough - I can't wait to receive my first mission. "You need me on that wall!" lol

ShugaCane1879d ago

I can't wait either. This is going to make me feel like I'm playing a real Next-Gen game. Killzone Shadow Fall. Even the name sounds bad-ass. I want it NOW.

abzdine1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

this game is a monster, but i'm kinda disappointed all classes will be unlocked from the beginning like KZ3, i like to work on things by myself.
Day one buy for sure

edit: Have some of you heard about MOVE and 3D support? Please share if it is!
thank you

blackbeld1879d ago

KZSF looks really next gen. Wow!

Cant wait to play it. COD and Battlefield graphics should be like this!

Guerilla rules.

Enemy1879d ago

The fact that Guerrilla managed to get 1080p + 60fps in MP, with that ridiculously impressive texture work and lighting, is insane.

It's not hard to see how a game like Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Titanfall could manage 60fps. Graphically, they're subpar with their texture work, lighting, and resolution. But when a game with the graphical fidelity of Killzone: Shadow Fall does it, I can't help but be amazed.

If they're already squeezing this much power out of the PS4, their new IP must be something else entirely.

iamnsuperman1879d ago


I haven't heard anything about Move support so I think we can assume it is out (which is a massive shame as Move with the sharpshooter is incredible).

PinkFunk1879d ago

Enemy. I'm sure it's because Battlefield is accommodating a lot more players online, thus diminishing performance. This is only a guess but I would say it's a fair bet. Anyone who knows more about this could enlighten us.

I'm not sure about Titanfall - how many players does it support in a match? Is it going to be 30fps? 1080p? The gameplay admittedly looks very fun, and the graphics look all right but by no means anything spectacular.

GG are very talented and seem to receive a lot of support from an ecosystem of first party devs, so it gives them a heavy advantage. Thank God for the so called ICE team :) Works wonders.

RegorL1879d ago

KZ multiplayer v. Battlefield multiplayer

Guerilla is worried that they have

FZ (in this video @ 2:50)
"any player can now have a drone with him ... not 24 now its 48 entities you have to juggle"

64 players, that can shoot RPGs, making building crumble, but not only that destructions from shots, trees and water move in wind and by explosions.
FAR more entities to juggle!

When comparing graphics begin to question yourself is this world I am seeing beliveable? Is my weapon beliveable? If it cant shoot the pot in the window why don't the opposing force use clay as their armor...

How the world is presented is a part of the graphic. KZ multiplayer world is not much more beliveable than say Counter Strike...

guitarded771878d ago

Can't wait!!! Killzone and Battlefield on launch day... shooter heaven.

Kinda pissed about only 3 classes, but at the same time I kinda like it because it makes accessible as well as tactical. As long as the weapons are diverse, I'll be happy.

LOL_WUT1878d ago

Man i'm excited for this game! This is how you do NEXT-GEN! ;)

johndoe112111878d ago

@ RegorL

Yeah, because our most loved games are the ones that have believable worlds right? Bioshock Infinite, Metro Last Light, Injustice, Minecraft, Last of Us, heck even Candy Crush, now that's realism for ya.

sengoku1878d ago

I have preorder killzone along with my ps4 way back in march this year..

always known guerilla would bring cutting edge and this just proves ps4 is very capable of 1080p in 60 fps while looking stunning, probably the bst looking game to release in nov cross all platforms including pc

minimur121878d ago

I would've laughed so much if shu t-baged one of the opponents.

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Campy da Camper1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

I gotta admit I'm feinng pretty hard for this game. I used to do massive mp playing back in the rainbow 6 and cod4 days but just got so bored with the newer games that I drifted mainly to sp games. This, though makes me want to jump back into the mix. The game looks FUN. Great graphics aside, it looks like a blast to play. Having everything unlocked is awesome. No more hardcore's just playing 10 hours a day then dominating in team matches. Its gonna be all about choices and your skill with what you choose to run with.

Jesus, I just checked and this will be my 5th preorder game for November. Man, I'm gonna be broke.

ShwankyShpanky1879d ago

I've got a deposit on my preorder, but I think I'll just get the digi copy.

Midnight launch (hopefully) on Thursday night, get it home, get set up, get my KZ and F2P downloads started, and I'm ready to rock and roll when I get home from work on Friday. (yes, I know you can play-while-you-download, but you've obviously got to download SOME portion before you can start, and the servers will be getting slammed)

Thegamer411879d ago

Is it just me or is that the Zelda Triforce symbol in the article picture?

monkeyDzoro1879d ago

It wasn't confirmed yet. Devs have said previously they were targetting 60fps. Anyway, this is good news. Can't wait.

nosferatuzodd1878d ago

indeed i love KZ shadowfall

Flutterby1878d ago

This and second son are by far the best looking games coming that we have seen next gen on any console

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GarrusVakarian1879d ago

That should shut up the PC elitists saying the PS4 isn't capable of such things. Goes to show, if a Sony first party dev works for a long time on the PS4, they get these results. Amazing.

jlo1879d ago

PC Elitists don't care because they've been playing at 2560x1600 (or above) for years.

Celebrating 1080p is like celebrating buying a ford when your mate has a Ferrari.

1879d ago
GarrusVakarian1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )


Overkill much, especially for the size of an average pc gamers screen. Get off your high horse, you sound beyond petty.

T21879d ago

Ya right , most pc elitists Google specs of a beast pc they can never afford and then quote it like they have it....
P.s. - I have a ferrari - u believe me ?

HammadTheBeast1879d ago

Only maybe, maybe 2% of the so-called PC "master race" even play beyond med-high settings.

Sci0n1878d ago

Yea I know every PC ELITIST OWNS THE BEST ULTRA MAXIMA PC GAMING RIG WORTH LIKE 6-8 thousand dollars lol. Get DF outta here you PC Elitist be lying so much knowing hes probably gaming at 560 or 720p.

pwnsause_returns1878d ago


yea....I dont have the cash to run games that at that type of resolution.

popup1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

A thought for those who want to know more about the reality of the process of the distribution and application of power in games design for any target hardware, here is a basic way to look at and understand it.

Developers really could make any game on any resolution-capable system run at 1080P 60FPS. Fact. There is, however, a caveat.

As an example, you basically could say that you have what can be thought of as a 'scalable triangle' for your game design. One point for Graphical Complexity, one for Resolution and one for Frame-Rate. Whatever point you grow will draw from your pool of power you have left on your target hardware. What would you choose?

If you want a game that has 1080P and 60fps above all else as your goal over everything else on your chosen hardware target then graphical complexity will have to take a back seat. Fine for a platform or puzzle game maybe?

Resolution only really offers more perceivable detail when you actually have the power to put something in all that physical space. Think of it as the canvas of pixels for you to fill in. That's it. It will not make an image look more photo realistic!

Personally, I would always take resolution last for a game that wants to look great and play great above all else. I can spend the power that I have saved on other things like more objects, better effects and more Polygons for example. These things are more likely to be perceived as realism over simply having more dots.

Also, it has to be pointed out that it does not matter how powerful you think your system is, you always have a limit. 'Elite' gamers systems are nothing but a drop in the ocean when it comes to graphical powerhouses. Some 12,500 CPU cores were used to render Pixar's Cars 2 and on average and it took 11.5 hours to render 1 frame. 0 FPS. Modern PC GPU's take nice shortcuts to make fairly realistic looking scenes but you will never find the movie studios taking such short-cuts. True quality requires true Horsepower. It took a staggering 288 hours per frame to render the Driller in Transformers along with the CG building. ILM calculated that it added up to more than 200,000 rendering hours per day -- or the equivalent of 22.8 years of render time in a 24-hour period.

Also worth noting as far as resolution is concerned that, even today, a genuine 720x480 pixel photo looks more 'life like' than any 2560x1600 Crysis 3 shots you can find so don't believe the hype.

1878d ago
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LOGICWINS1879d ago

@Lukas-Why are you so concerned about "PC elitists" lol?

GarrusVakarian1879d ago

Because its annoying when they burst into an article pulling numbers and phrases out of their asses, spouting holier than thou crap. Graphics become the only thing they care about, the only thing they talk about and it gets really annoying. Put PC exclusives against Sony exclusives and see how precious your numbers are then.

LoveOfTheGame1879d ago

1. That's the exact same reason I hate Sony fanboys.

2. You don't know much about PC games do you.

LOGICWINS1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago ) Its really not that serious Lukas.

testerg351879d ago

Lucas, maybe you should go to xbox articles and tell PS4 fans the same thing.

Highlife1879d ago

Lukas I completely agree. The problem with pc elitists is their attitude. They think they are all high and mighty probably compensating for something.

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Metfanant1879d ago

after having seen the uncompressed 1080p "B-roll" footage from Sony's press website...the fact that this game is going to hit [email protected] in multiplayer is unreal...

easily the most technically impressive launch title on either console...

pyramidshead1879d ago!tZZQ2b...

Here's the uncompressed file for anyone who hasn't downloaded yet. It's almost a 1GB, just fyi for people with crap net connections. :)

FlunkinMonkey1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

thanks dude. Bubs+

ion6661879d ago

After seeing the multiplayer footage. I'm super hyped up for this game.

akaFullMetal1879d ago

This is wonderful, 1080p and 60 fps, just wonderful. We should see alot of games do this after the first initial launch games come out and when even better development tools come around for first and third party.

NeutralXP1879d ago

Funny it still doesn't look it to be honest more like 720 30fps

Enemy1879d ago

Funny, you still haven't seen real direct feed. Just really compressed, blurry trash. Native 1080p resolution was confirmed for Killzone: Shadow Fall when it was first revealed.

GarrusVakarian1879d ago

Sigh, even when there is cold hard proof from the dev AND from direct feed 1080p 60fps footage (on megashare) people STILL want to bad mouth consoles. Pathetic.

monkeyDzoro1878d ago

Can you please give me the link for that direct footage ?

FlunkinMonkey1878d ago

Haha.. Please, here's a hanky for those saltiest of tears.

Cry More Young Buck.