Cerny: PS4 Devs Will Get More Out Of The Hardware In 'Year Three Or Four'

The PlayStation 4's lineup of launch titles are clearly more graphically and technically enhanced than their current-gen predecessors, but according to PS4 lead architect Mark Cerny, once developers get a few games under their belts, they'll really start to get really creative with the hardware.

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GarrusVakarian2275d ago

Same with every gen. If Killzone Shadow Fall and Infamous Second Son is what we can expect from launch and shortly after launch, then i am very excited for the years ahead.

Tw1tch3D2275d ago

That is what next gen should be exactly. The hardware are highly optimized so developers will reach the potential of both consoles more earlier then late like previous gen.

The one thing that stands out to me is who will provide the best tools? Looking at it Microsoft is more then prepared from the beginning at providing developers with the best and efficient tools, simply because of Azure.

Silly Mammo2275d ago

3-4 years?!? I thought we are suppose to judge the success or failure of a console by it's launch day titles. I'm confused...

grassyknoll2275d ago

Azure isn't a development tool.

adorie2275d ago

Azure is a platform, not a tool.
But... I guess it could be considered a 'tool', just not in the usual sense.

Tw1tch3D2275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )


It's funny how you guys can separate platform from tools, when in fact the platform is for the tools given what industry Microsoft is in.

It's not like they're in the music industry setting up a platform to facilitate music sells. You guys have a way of circumventing facts...which is sad and hilarious at the same time.

@ Silly Mammo

Well, that's just Ceryny's own opinion. The truth is what the developers themselves can do, and I doubt they'll hold anything back from now on because as I see it, developers learned a lot this current gen...from mistakes mostly.

slimeybrainboy2275d ago

I dont think it's fair to judge right now.

Sony are offering a family game at launch that's never going to be about graphics. DR3 is more about scale than graphics. Forza looks really sweet but after seeing the new direct capture driveclub footage they are in the same league. Killzone Shadowfall does look amazingly sharp but for some reason people have the perception it's not that good looking.

Look at how bad Resistance Fall of Man looks in retrospect and you'll see than the quality of launch games are no way to judge a system.

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MatriXcian2275d ago

The 6 minute MP gameplay of KZSF has the best graphics ive seen on any of the next gen consoles so far. The lighting and particle effects are amazing! Cant wait to see what Sonys 1st party studios bring to the table in year 3 and 4 especially Naughty Dog.

GarrusVakarian2275d ago

Exactly, and if it can look that good at 1080p 60fps, there isn't really any excuse for other devs.

Rimeskeem2275d ago

Im having a hard time imagining the amount of greatness the devs can put into this because i dont think my mind can hold it all

kennyg37392275d ago

Hey Mark, that's any console. That's how it's always been.

tanookisuit2275d ago

Well, some things have to be constantly reiterated, b/c there are a vocal few who believe otherwise (not directing this specifically at you, of course).

negative2275d ago

shhh don't tell that to the fanboys!!! this guy is their reason for living!

stage882275d ago

How's that one bubble going for you?

OT: Can't wait to see what devs will do the most powerful console. The PS4 exclusives are going to be great.

DeletedAcc2275d ago

Negative wow 1 bubble nice going

minimur122275d ago

is it posible to lose all your bubbles?

SniperControl2275d ago


Quote from you after sony fanboy posted in an xbox article.

"This isn't a PS4 article. Get lost"

Back at ya kid.

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SaffronCurse2275d ago

Hey Kennyg3739,

He works for Sony not for Microsoft nor Nintendo.

GribbleGrunger2275d ago

Probably when hUMA is unleashed:

VGLeaks - PlayStation 4 includes hUMA technology

MasterCornholio2275d ago


Awww they dont have hUMA.

Anyways i believe they have a variation of hUMA and not the same one that the Kabini chip is using.

grassyknoll2275d ago

Once 1st parties design game engines around it, compute performance will be more important than hUMA to PS4 titles.

pyramidshead2275d ago

Surprised that hasn't been picked up by n4g yet. Can't wait for that comment section :P

boeso2275d ago

Polygon is one sexy website.

DownNotOut2275d ago

Polygon is an awful site, they let political correctness affect their review scores

adorie2275d ago

It would take an entire bottle of scotch to make Polygon a sexy website to me.

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