Half Life 3 Apparently Exists But In "Bits And Pieces"

"It seems that Half Life 3 is in development at Valve, after all. Here's the problem however: It's not quite in a form that could be qualified as "actively in development"."

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2276d ago

lol I stopped caring about this game. Not think about this sequel for the next 10 years.

When it's done it's done. Better be good though..

Wni02276d ago

You stopped caring about the most important gaming franchise of all time?

XB1_PS42276d ago

@Wni0 Waiting gets old after a while. Since Valve hasn't really addressed it at all, it's hard to keep hope in it. I'm sure someday it'll get a release date that means something, but until that day i'm not holding my breath.

sprinterboy2276d ago

37 yrs old now and started with hl1 when I was like 21 lol, big fan of the game but I think my interest has moved on somewhat, will play it when released but I won't go searching for the game anymore just takes the piss not too conclude a game you started playing when I was 21, half my friends don't even game anymore

Becuzisaid2276d ago

The Half Life games are my all-time favorites. Unfortunately, Valve - one of the industry's best game developers - doesn't seem to have much interest in making games anymore. Dota 2 (admittedly, I don't know much about it) sounds like a reskin of a fan mod that's existed for years. L4D3 is most likely in development, but honestly, the first two weren't super deep games, so I'm not sure why this would take so long to develop. I mean they made L4D2 is like a year.

If they want to take their time with HL3 then fine. Please, take your time. I want it to be great. But stop being coy about its existence. Tell us where the game is in its development, if there even is one, and keep us updated. Valve created fans with their games, how about communicating with us every once in a while?

dcj05242276d ago

Killing Floor> All Zombie Games.

I'll take Killing Floor 2 on Unreal Engine 4 over Left4Dead 3.

This is off-topic but i'm just saying.

-Foxtrot2276d ago

Bits and better bloody not be

They've had plenty of time on it

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The story is too old to be commented.