Massive Rockstar Xbox Live sale: Red Dead, LA Noire, Bully, Max Payne and Midnight Club

Microsoft finally called time on the long-lived Xbox Live Marketplace Points system earlier today, ushering in real-money transactions across the entire service. As if to celebrate, Rockstar's just let slip an almighty batch of Games on Demand and DLC reductions. New to GTA's sister franchises? Fancy warming up before GTA 5 makes landfall next month? Here you go, then.

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SignifiedSix911881d ago

Nice! Going to have to download a few of these!

SonyStyled1881d ago

dl bully. you wont regret it. i promise. a great game thats in need of a long awaited sequel

luisvideogames1881d ago

Also available on PSN store if anyone is wondering.

CaptainPunch1881d ago

Is it? Checked 10 minutes ago couldn't find nothing.

luisvideogames1881d ago

After you pre-order GTA V, I believe.