Destructoid's Fallout 3 Preview (Part II)

Like any self-respecting Vault Dweller, the player is brought into the world in a cold, fluorescent-lit underground hospital cell. Bleary-eyed and filled with wonder, the player begins the game through the perspective of a newborn infant with the singular capability of pressing the A button to cry. Your father (also known as the father you always wished for, played by Liam Neeson) gazes fondly at you coveted behind a hospital mask and glasses. Newborn life in post-apocalyptic Washington, D.C., doesn't seem to be all that bad after all.

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DRUDOG3842d ago

I am so looking forward to this game. I like the little touches that put in the Fallout world. I've always liked Bethesda's RPGs and hope that they learn from a few of the minor mistakes from Oblivion (more voice actors & less buggy games).

Chuck Norris3842d ago

I'm tempted to wait for the GoTY edition, Bethesda loves doing those.

DRUDOG3842d ago

Funny you say that cause the thought crossed my mind the other day. I wish that I had one disk for Oblivion and Shivering Isles instead of the separate expansion pack.

There will be a collector's edition released also, but it includes some unwanted (for me) stuff although the art book would be nice:

Vault Boy bobblehead
100-page hardcover art book
Making-of Fallout 3 special DVD
Metal Vault-Tec lunch box

Chuck Norris3842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

I got screwed on the Oblivion expansion as well. I'll be getting the GoTY edition if Infamous and White Knight Chronicles both come out this year. There's just too many games to play this year, starting this month: Persona 3 FES, GT:P, GTA4.

DRUDOG3842d ago

The only problem with waiting on the GOTY editions is that they take so damned long to come out. Look at Oblivion or CoD4 for example: GOTY Oblivion didn't come out for at least six months after initial release and CoD4 has taken roughly five. Now obviously GOTY's normally contain additional content that is usually made available around the same time and, almost always, months after initial release. I just wish it wasn't six months to a year later.

How is the Persona series? Those are on PS2, right? Always figured I'd try them out, but just never have...

Chuck Norris3842d ago

If it takes 5-6 months to make, then I can wait. Persona is a good series (a bit on the childish spectrum), it combines two games in one (school part, dungeon crawling). If your're into anime, manga, or japanese culture then Persona is a good game to get.

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Gorgon3842d ago

"This is where you begin the first stages of protagonist development, choosing whether your character is male or female while designating the eventual physical characteristics and nationality you will display within some solid years of maturity"

Huh, nationality?!?!

arakouftaian3842d ago

im sad and tired of it i dotn even buy soem games becuz of it