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Dealspwn: If I were Nintendo, I'd be seething. Not just because failing Wii U sales forced Ubisoft to release a planned Wii U exclusive across multiple platforms, but because the title in question manages to comprehensively beat Nintendo at their own game. We've talked about Platinum "doing a Nintendo" with The Wonderful 101 -- a game that proves innovative, idiosyncratic, unmistakeably original and chock-full of whimsy -- but Rayman Legends is a game that bends Mario over its knee and spanks the plumber's recent work soundly.

This is, quite possibly, the best 2D platformer since the SNES era.

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iplay1up22272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

Just a question. How can this be a PERFECT 10 on 360 if the "definitive" version is on the Wii U. Definitive in this case means superior. Therefore this can not be a PERFECT 10 on 360. Perhaps on PS3/Vita combo.

negative2272d ago

Well of course it cannot be a perfect 10 on 360. As always perhaps on PS3/Vita!!!


N4g_null2272d ago

Ubisoft and ms money bags... maybe I dont know. Not much is making sense at least people are being paid though. Hope the dev team saw a big pay off too. You know ubi should make a console.

RFornillos42272d ago

actually the question should be, "how can this be a perfect 10, if there are cons"?

this is why i don't really rely on the "scores" the reviews give. in my belief, if you give a minus for certain aspects of the game, then it should also reflect in the score. so based on the review, it should have been a 9-9.5/10 only. otherwise, don't give a score.

FuzzyPixels2271d ago

Given that we don't have decimal places, think of it more as a 9.5+ score we rounded up if that helps. There's no such thing as a perfect game. Why would we rob ourselves of the top end of the spectrum?

Reviews are, by their very nature, imperfect too. If tens are the history shattering games that become pillars of posterity, then scores should really only be bestowed months after release for accuracy and to weigh impact, no?

But that would be ludicrous.

So consider this ten one of the purest thumbs-ups you can get. A recommendation without caveats. A game that builds on its critically acclaimed predecessor (it contains much of Origins). A game that you should buy, whatever platform you own.

KingTrash2272d ago

Origins was pretty much perfect so I'm not surprised at all at the praise this game is getting. Can't wait to play it next week!