Zenimax Online Ignores The Reality Of MMO Gaming With The Elder Scrolls Online

Blaine Smith of Camelot Post writes:

So you’ve paid $60 to purchase The Elder Scrolls Online at launch. You’ve enjoyed your 30 days free subscription time and you’re considering spending another $10 for an additional month. But then you’re also noticing that a lot of players are running around with cooler cosmetic items and clothing, which will cost you yet further investments. So what do you do?

Well...You play any of the impressive next-generation free-to-play titles on offer.

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CaptainCamper2276d ago

I can understand the need to use a pay-to-play model near launch. I don't think anyone expects ESO to be popular enough to avoid free-to-play after 12-18 months but an item mall?

Seriously...PC players are going to struggle to swallow that yet console players, the biggest part of The Elder Scrolls franchise, will never accept paying more than their usual $60 for a game. So you decide to throw in even more costs?

It's either genius or suicide. I guess only time will tell :D

cleft52276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

That's just it right, the footage they have showed of ESO doesn't make you think it is worth being a pay to play games. It would be one thing if they showed you an Elder Scrolls experience that blew Skyrim away, but what they have showed so far isn't even as good as Skyrim. Visually, this doesn't hold up to Skyrim either, especially not a modded version of Skyrim.

Maybe the game will come together in the end and be one of the most compelling experiences around. Maybe, but they have a long way to go before they get to that point.

Christopher2276d ago

Initial game sales and first year subscriptions pay for the upfront development costs of a game. If they go F2P initially, then they would be putting out a much lesser game that people wouldn't want to play.

Players just don't understand what it takes to make a game like ESO and oftentimes want their cake and to eat it as well. Well, you gotta pay for all the bells and whistles that come with major release MMOs. And, subscriptions are a sign of that quality, not a sign of a team of people who don't know that their game will eventually go F2P as well.

CaptainCamper2276d ago

You offer a valid point and an argument I've tried to explain to others on many occasions, also the exact same reason why I speculated about the future at the end of the article.

However, with this business choice, which I fully expect Zenimax to be taking, they too often screw over initial supporters. You pay $60 for a game, then $150 before it goes free-to-play only to be rewarded with a cruddy mount or title. Maybe that's enough for some people, I don't know. But it's still a little unfair.

Not that business is ever fair but ya know, can't help but hope :D

JackOfAllBlades2276d ago

*sigh* I got my hopes up and they shot them down so hard..

BlingBlaine2276d ago

Skipping eso just too expensive when I just got done with 400 hrs of skyrim.


CaptainCamper2276d ago

Would you feel the same way if The Elder Scrolls Online offered 400 hours of just as much enjoyment? For $15 a month? Not bitching at your comment or anything, I'm actually curious to read your response :D

andrewer2276d ago

Gonna get it only once it is free to play. I'll stick to Morrowind until then :D

CaptainCamper2276d ago

I'm sure the Anthology can keep the hardcore crowd entertained until ESO is free-to-play. Cannot wait to pick that up! :D Roll on Blood Moon.

JsonHenry2276d ago

Pfft. It may be a bad move. But if I like the game enough I have no problem paying a measly $15 a month. Seriously, just don't buy a couple soft drinks a week and you've found the money you need.

The real problem is this- so far public opinion doesn't think that the game will be WORTH paying that much for. And that is a real PR problem for this game right now. They need to show people what they will be getting for their money and that it is worth it.

derkasan2276d ago

That's how I feel about the whole matter. I don't mind paying extra if the game's good enough, but if the community's not there, then it's just not there. Let's just hope they can bring enough people in.

Dread2276d ago

Phantasy Star Online tried to do this on the 360 and it did not work.

I was a huge phantasy star fan, but I refused to pay the monthly fee. At the end, I simply forgot about the game and played somthing else.

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