Splash Damage Partners With Nexon America To Bring Dirty Bomb–Now Extraction–To The Masses

Splash Damage, the developers behind Batman: Arkham Origins‘ multiplayer component and Brink, have just announced via their blog a partnership with Nexon America, and have changed their upcoming multiplayer shooter Dirty Bomb to Extraction.

With Extraction an on-going free-to-play shooter, Splash Damage partnered with Nexon America for their “staggering experience” in “designing, developing, running, and supporting free-to-pay games” with a “vast infrastructure” necessary for taking on Extraction‘s scope. The game will take place in an abandoned London, one that has been mysteriously attacked by a dirty bomb (radiological weapon), and has mercenaries being paid to extract the secrets left behind: hence the two titles chosen for the project.

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IIC0mPLeXII1881d ago

Another fuse overstrike situation, bargain bin baby.

blackmanone1881d ago

Dirty Bomb actually sounded like a game I would look out for; but they couldn't have chosen a more generic name to take its place. Yawn...