A bunch of new awesome GT:HD trailers

Here is a bunch of new GT:HD trailers showing That the photo-realistic ingame replays once again return in Gran Turismo HD,and take a look at some exotic cars displayed in the menu screens for this next-gen title.

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SimmoUK4468d ago

very fine eat that PGR

Bill Gates4467d ago (Edited 4467d ago )

I just blew my load all over my key board on that Subaru replay....hahha

The Gran Turismo series is my ONLY real reason for buying a PS3, and yes it's worth the $600 because i can afford it. I just sold my HD teli. and I'm using that money for a 1080p teli. in a couple of weeks.

OutpostCommand4466d ago


No...but...Z0MG !!

That was absolute pwnage.
Better footage than Killzone PS3 !
Those graphics are rediculous.
Theyre...theyre real !!

Wow...I wasnt that excited about GT:HD-
but now, for me anyway, its now a Killer App !

x440Magnumx4466d ago (Edited 4466d ago )

I'll agree that the graphics are the best I've ever seen, period, for a racing game, heck, for any game. The problem is I think it's started to become a waste...even though the feel was always weird to me, (not enough rumble...this game will be unplayable for me without a 3rd party controller or FF wheel), thats not as important as the gameplay....GT has been around for a long time...where's the damage? With all the time they put into car models, backgrounds, photorealistic people (especially considering how many cars there are going to be in this game) you'd think a little damage could go in.

It's horrible that a game can look this wonderful, and then when he wrecks he just bounces off the wall. That always annoyed when I went to my friend's house one day and picked up Forza.....I was hooked...until GT gets a damage engine, I wont consider it, no matter how mindblowing the graphics...and then I'd still have to buy the PS3 and the force-feedback wheel (no way I'm playing without rumble) there's like 800 right there. Great. ;)

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