The Wright Stuff: Why Mobile Games Are Failing

You might think this is a depressing way to start a series of columns about the all-exciting, all-conquering sphere of mobile gaming, but face facts: if mobile gaming hasn't actually failed yet, it hasn't been the massive success everyone in the industry expected five years ago.

The market, so the analysts keep telling, is going to be huge, but in five years' time. That's what they said five years ago, and that's what they're saying now. Always jam tomorrow.

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SaiyanFury3839d ago

Over here in the US, mobile phone battery life sucks the big one. The average cell phone battery lasts like what, 2 days? Now they want us to play games on said phones? That would greatly diminish the already short battery life in my phone. No thanks, if I want games on the go that's what my Sony PSP or Nintendo DS are for.

gamer4life333839d ago

I agree with you. Go get a PSP or a DS. Phones are just not meant to support games, or at least games that are good.

ECM0NEY3839d ago

i play guitar hero 3 on my phone sometimes lol