Play as Niko Bellic's son in GTA Online

The GTA Online character creator is looking to be more robust than anything we've seen to date, particularly for a GTA game. Rockstar has confirmed that not only can we pick our clothing, hair styles, tattoos and other such superfluous options, but we can also choose who our parents are and inherit their traits. Fans who dig a bit deeper into their wallets will in fact be able to choose Niko Bellic and Claud Speed as their father.

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claud31880d ago

Nice neat touch.. But i am never paying that much for the ability

maximus19851880d ago

i am. why? caues im craaaaaaazy about gta%!!! as niko ill be yelling "IM THE ONE WHO SURVIVED!!!"

TheBurger291880d ago

how about this comes with every pre-order or a $5 add on. not spending $150 for this.

maximus19851880d ago

thats why its unique, if everyone gets it its pointless.

TheBurger291879d ago

yea but its something that alot of people really really want but are blocked by a $150 paywall. people are also trying to save for next-gen consoles and can in no way afford it. you do have a good point but i believe its a feature that all gta 5 players should be able to experience.

Subzero2001880d ago

"Play as Niko Bellic's son in GTA Online"

why? who would want to play as the son of the most uninteresting character in gta?

ZHZ901880d ago

Even though main characters of previous GTA titles are btter still Niko is not bad. But Niko's son in the picture we are seeing here looks ugly fat stupid.

maximus19851880d ago

thats not nikos son in the picture, its michaels son and daughter...i gave you an agree still because i like stupid people

greyhaven331880d ago

I think that's a picture of the son of Michael in gtav, could be wrong though

ZHZ901880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

@maximus1985, what so stupid of me? I am even not follow up with GTAV leaks/news because I really don't want thingss to get spoiled to me I just saw the title "Niko's son" which forced me to come here.
Thanks for info that boy and girl in the pic aren't Niko's kids but Micheal's or whatever they are son and daughter of still that kid is fat like I said.

I'll give you and greyhaven33 agree for info.

Subzero2001879d ago

lol u know, but yeah gta 4 was a boring underwhelming game. Just look at gta 5 it actually looks like a next gen game where gta 4 failed miserably.

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Mr_Butata1880d ago

You are doing it wrong!

WHO will want to have Roman Bellic as a cousin??? O.O