Ludicrous Saints Row IV Revels in Its Own Insanity | Wired

Wired: Is it easier to go low-brow than high-brow? Are ridiculous games like Saints Row IV discouraging to the artists trying to tell serious stories with their games? There is a method to the madness: By so totally abandoning any last vestige of reality, Saints Row feels more consistent than “realistic” games.

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negative1971d ago

Just picked this up and I'm loving it!

firelogic1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

If you're not uptight and can accept that there can be other open-world games outside of GTA, you'll love it. The addition of super powers, specifically sprinting and jumping, totally makes open-world travel a pleasure instead of a tedious endeavour. I absolutely hate getting into a car and driving to markers on the map, only to clip a cop car and then have them chase me so I have to lose them to start a mission.