The IRS Cares About Your Video Game Collection

An article about how you could be classified as a video game investor instead of just a collector in the eyes of the IRS and you might be able to save money on your taxes. The article tells you how you can tell what the IRS thinks you are and explains how it can save you money.

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Jerkapotamus3843d ago

I buy games to play and enjoy them. I guess I'm not an investor.

RenegadeValkyrie3843d ago

At first it seems like this would be a great way for the average gamer to get more cashola, but really being classified as an investor seems like more of a job than a hobby, so anyone who actually buys videogames to sell probably already knows about all this tax mumbo jumbo.

GameDev3843d ago

as a 14th amendment "U.S. citizen" who is liable to pay income tax for your use of a little government service passed off as federal reserve notes. It's up to you to be smart enough to show them you are not.

3843d ago
sovietsoldier3843d ago

well if that is so, then fort knoxs is my piggy bank!