HackYourConsole goes out of service following Nintendo lawsuit

HackYourConsole is now out of service following Nintendo's lawsuit announced earlier this month.

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Mounce1973d ago

Excellent. Though, that's one of MANY sites or people that do the exact same thing. Pirates/Hackers/Modders of the hardware-variety are like a bloody Hydra, slice one head off, another 1 or 2 grows in its place.

It's not really going to change much by doing this unless it becomes a literal LAW that you cannot and it's an offense that can lead to prison-time rather than a Fine or lawsuit.

lizard812881973d ago

Can they do that? IIRC, Nintendo had a lawsuit with game genie and lost, then again, that was pure cheat codes and not roms.

I'm more mad about region locking. Nintendo is the only one who does it, which of course promotes hacking and pirating. If Nintendo was smart, they would make the 3ds and wiiu region free. That is originally why I hacked my wii in the first place, because it wasn't region free.

gameboymario1972d ago

Judging by how hard piracy messed up the DS generation, this is a good move by Nintendo.

Not like I would've gotten that piece of crap "flash cart" for the 3DS anyway. If I had to have a different mini-sd card for every game, I might as well just buy the game!

dredgewalker1972d ago

If you're referring to gateway then that problem is being worked on but I still wouldn't buy it. Also mini sd cards would still be a lot, lot cheaper than the game carts. The only problem you'll likely encounter is trying to make tags for each micro sd. Anyway Nintendo's security has been very good with the 3ds, they've learned their lesson with the rampant ds piracy.