Kinect Will 'Never Work Perfectly' - Ubisoft

NowGamer: "Ubisoft recently announced Fighter Within, a Kinect-only fighting game exclusively for Xbox One.

Fighter Within was undoubtedly one of our biggest surprises of Gamescom, with Kinect functionality that actually works and an interesting twist on the tried-and-tested formula.

But while the technology of Xbox One and the new and improved Kinect is certainly impressive, it can never work quite as well as hoped. At least according to Fighter Within associate producer Nicolas Joye."


Actual quote is "It's not perfect, it'll never be perfect because it's one camera to detect 3D movements." This comment is solely in regards to detecting movement in a 3D environment and nothing else. ~cgoodno

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iamnsuperman2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

Greatest tag line for Fighter Within right there. Wrong choice of words for advertising their game

ShugaCane2269d ago

I wonder where did the "unprecedented 1 to 1 precision movement tracking" suddenly go ? lol

NextGen24Gamer2269d ago

If you actually read the article they say nothing about the 1 to 1 precision not being there. It was actually the opposite.

Quote from the article:

"I think Kinect 2 would be what Wii MotionPlus was for the Wii, it was what they promised at first with the Wii but it wasn't really there. Kinect 2 I think is better than what they promised with Kinect 1."

ShugaCane2269d ago


You misunderstood me I guess. I was implying that is was a radical step backwards from what they said when they revealed their game.

blackbeld2269d ago

Kinect Will 'Never Work Perfectly'

I knew it. Those bastards bragging with their Kinect crap.

JackOfAllBlades2269d ago

Well of course it's better than Kinect 1.0, it was horribly innacurate. I wonder how PS camera will fare with its multiple camera setup

thechosenone2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

"This comment is solely in regards to detecting movement in a 3D environment and nothing else"

That's the whole point of Kinect is it not or does it have other uses that I'm not aware of? lol

because to accurately track objects in a 3D space you really should be using two cameras instead of one.

nosferatuzodd2268d ago

We all know that but don't tell them that or the Xbox fanboys

mewhy322268d ago

Good thing that the Playstation Eye has two lenses for accurate depth perception and accurate tracking. Here's another example of where micro$oft should follow Sony's lead. I don't think a micro$oft 180 will fix this though LOL.

ShinMaster2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

It doesn't matter how more advanced people claim Kinect is, it's still just as limited as the PS Eye by human motion itself.

9 years ago:
Kinect is nothing but hype.

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Christopher2269d ago

I actually like the honesty. Though, the title will have this turn into a nightmare because people will take it wayyy out of context of what the Ubisoft employer was talking about.

iamnsuperman2269d ago

I agree I appreciate the honestly but at the end of the day it is business. You need to show your product in the best light.

Anon19742269d ago

Isn't the whole point of Kinect, what sets it apart from a regular PC web cam, it's ability to track movement in a 3d space and translate those movements into game controls? I mean, we're not 2D creatures standing in front of a green screen. Of course for Kinect to be of any worth it needs to properly register movements in 3d space. And now devs are telling us that due to it's very design, it will never be able to do that properly.

Out of curiosity, what's to be taken out of context with this statement? It seems pretty clear what's being said here.

kneon2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )


Even with multiple kinect camera placed around you it can never work perfectly. The problem is that there are no certain points of reference. It needs to guess what's an arm, what's a leg and whose leg is it.

That is why they place those little balls all over the mocap suits, it gives them known points of reference so that the software is less likely to be confused.

So kinect will never be perfect, but that doesn't mean it won't be good enough for many types of games.

Christopher2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

@darkrid66: Yes and no.

You are correct that what what sets it apart is the ability to track movement in a 3D space and translate them to in-game controls.

But, there is no expectation that it would ever detect in full 3D other than what is right in front of the cameras. Meaning, there should never be an indication that it would perfectly detect crossed body parts, wrist turning, or the like. But, that its detection will extend to head movement, body part movement, and the like.

Side Note: Though, the one Kinect video Microsoft made a while back showing kids playing instruments and doctors doing surgery with Kinect really were huge missteps on Microsoft's part, IMHO. They were selling a pipe dream with those videos and I'm sure they knew it.

***Of course for Kinect to be of any worth it needs to properly register movements in 3d space.***

I disagree. I believe what holds it back entirely is the processing involved and thereby the increased latency. Even with manipulating on-screen UI elements with your hand, it is "sticky" in nature and is not smooth. But, add in arm movements and similar gestures, and it gets even worse.

***Out of curiosity, what's to be taken out of context with this statement? It seems pretty clear what's being said here.***

Title says "Kinect will never work perfectly" which can be interpreted by many that any function of Kinect, will never work perfectly. That includes voice, 2d detection, facial detection, and the like. The person's response was specifically to body gestures in a 3D perspective and not to those that can be translated to a 2.5d environment, which most Kinect games are based around.

Anon19742268d ago

@cgoodno. Gottcha.

Still, a bit surprising to hear. I thought that was the whole point of using the IR camera in conjunction with a regular camera, to better pinpoint things in 3D space.

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Mystogan2269d ago

Great excuse for making a shitty game ubisoft.

T22268d ago

Lol that comment just sounds funny ... Truly tho its a very ambitious goal to track intricate human movements in real time ... Not sure all the money for R&D and 499 price tag was worth it but we will see

2cents2268d ago

lol, damage control at its finest.

Erm, our game isn't that good because...

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ape0072269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

i love XBOX and XBOX 360 BUT MS drop the mandatory kinect or sony will eat you, im as honest as i can be

i don't understand????

come_bom2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

I think it's such a huge mistake by Microsoft putting all the chips on Kinect. Most gamers simply don't want Kinect and the smartest thing would be to release a cheaper Kinectless X1 SKU. Time will tell if I'm right.

What Microsoft fails to understand is that a lot of people that only play multiplatform games like Call of Duty, Battlefield and Assassin's Creed, will buy the cheapest console... and Microsoft hasn't got the cheapest console simply because of their insistence with Kinect.

Sony made a super smart move by pricing the PS4 100€ cheaper then their main competitor.

TheFreak2269d ago

This is true none of my friends and I mean NONE have any interest in kinect.

Mrgolden792268d ago

For everyone who wants a kinect-less xbox one, what's stopping you from buying the PS4? I'm not trolling, I really am interested in peoples reasons on this. After all, a kinectless cheaper sku will result in a slightly less powerful console about the same price as a PS4. Is it for the exclusive ms games or xbox live, or do some people just prefer the xbox brand?

T22268d ago

All these comments are very astute ... Will the money on development pay off for MS ? Is kinect a good horse to bet on ? Is a kinectless sku just a watered down ps4 ?

These questions and more tonight on 60 minutes

Darrius Cole2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

Too late, Ape.

10 Million Kinects made for launch

MULTIPLIED by $100 (at least, reports are that it cost even more)

EQUALS 1 Billion Dollars

No one can just throw away a $1 billion dollars plus research and development cost, not even Microsoft. They are going ride Kinect all the way out and see where it takes them. They are hoping it catches on like the Wii. If they get off of it, it will only be after it almost kills the Xbox. They may get off of it out of desperation then.

ape0072269d ago

with two different SKUs, Kinect will still get good sales

T22268d ago

I agree and the other question where is all the other money going ? To cloud servers ? Timed exclusives? Dlc? Its a lot of risk ....
Meanwhile ps4 comes out sleek and simple to meet demand ...but yet with many features as usual. Its concerning for MS in my opinion

Spoons2269d ago

It doesn't work perfectly but it worked almost flawlessly during the fighter within showing. I have high hopes for it.

GarrusVakarian2269d ago

Not sure if you actually had your eyes open during the fighter within footage.

blackmanone2269d ago

I hope you pay full price for the game. :)

FITgamer2269d ago

You must have been watching it that with your eyes closed because there is an obvious delay it's by no means flawless.

devwan2269d ago

@spoons Almost perfectly... eventually?

It's hardly the best advertisement for kinect 2.0, there will be much better than this I'd have thought.

TheFreak2269d ago

What?! I thought it would be better than kinect 1.

pyramidshead2269d ago

Really hope they do fix the fighter within so it's 1:1. That type of game and kinect integration is what I'm looking for when I think about if kinect is justified by being bundled.

MasterCornholio2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

More like it works perfectly 10% of the time which is proven by that horrible demonstration that they did with Fighters Within.

The main issue with Kinect is the lag which i doubt will go away anytime soon.

2268d ago
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gaelic_laoch2269d ago

Kinect the sole cause of so many DisKinecting themselves from the xbone!

TheFreak2269d ago

I agree I am one of them who is diskinecting.