Elder Scrolls Online Gameplay Lead Talks Development, PS4, Xbox One, User Experience and More

The Elder Scrolls Online Lead Gameplay Designer Nick Konkle shares more details about the game, the state of development, the port to PS4 and Xbox One and much more.

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Carheadbutt2277d ago

I still worry about how they're going to pull this off with the consoles.

JackOfAllBlades2277d ago

Me too, especially with the $60+$15 per month.. Bethesda is now Bethe$da

Mystogan2277d ago

Shut up nick. No console gamer is going to play TESO if it requires a $15 monthly subscription and a cash shop.

for me its not as much that I need gold to play it. I always have gold anyway.

but I will never, EVER pay a monthly fee to play a game. Or it has to be a very freaking badass game. Thing is Guild Wars 2 looks better then TESO yet GW2 is Buy 2 Play.

TESO is going to fail so bad on consoles. And I'm pretty sure on PC too(There are way better games that don't require a monthly fee) That they have to go F2P within 3 months.

Abriael2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

You =/= everyone. Bet you that there's a ton of people that will play it.

F2P = Lower quality. A lot of people enjoy an high quality game and are willing to pay for it.

You can go play your low quality, cheap, supermarket-style free to play games.

Might want to stop associating your personal wishful thinking with fact.

BlingBlaine2277d ago

Sorry but f2p does not mean trash anymore. Look at planetside 2, blacklight retribution, warframe, war thunder and more I cant think of.

Eso is waaaaaaaay tooooooo expensive, I will be skipping and I encourage the rest of you to do as well.

Basically boycotting zeni and beth. I mean did you play ps3 skyrim? How long did we wait for dlc? Bethesda has screwed the ps nation without even trying to fix what they have done. $75 for 1 month of gaming? NEVER.

cunnilumpkin2277d ago

they are not making this game for consoles truly

this was a pc exclusive with absolutely no consideration paid to consoles at all

the devs had given up on next gen, just like with skyrim, which was intended for next gen systems and pc, but when they were finished with the pc version and there were no next gen consoles they decided to just retrofit (downgrade to hell) the pc version for last gen consoles, hence, they look and run like crap on 360/ps3

but, since ms and sony finally decided to release new consoles they decided to put this game on them

this is a pc game, for pc gamers, with consoles as an afterthough like all Elder Scrolls games

look at what games like skyrim look like on pc with a couple mods;

that's from 2011 and looks better than anything ever will on ps4/xbox1

Bethesda and Zenimax are pc game makers, they just slop their game onto console if it is convenient and profitable

hell, you can make morrowind from 2002 on pc look better than skyrim on ps3/360

these games are made for pc, pc controls, pc mods, pc gamers

Mystogan2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

You do know that the first commercially successful elder scrolls(morrowwind) was also the first elder scrolls on consoles right? Xbox to be specific.

KrisButtar2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

I'm pretty sure TES 3,4 and 5 each sold better on the Xbox than on pc. Looking at Skyrim which made 620M in sales only 14% were PC sales. So 86M came from PC, yet the budget of the game cost 85M. Skyrim would have been a flop without consoles maybe never even existed. The Elder Scrolls will never be exclusive on pc again, with budgets like that.