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Tin Salamunic: Graphics don’t make a game. I can stomach any aesthetic travesty as long as the gameplay is captivating and engaging. But when you have visuals so beautiful, so breathtaking, and so mesmerizing they make you pause and appreciate a single screenshot… then graphics become far more imperative to the experience. Such is the case with Ubisoft’s latest masterpiece Rayman Legends, a game so stunning I replayed the first few levels just to stare at the gorgeously painted backgrounds. Of course, the visuals would mean nothing if the gameplay didn’t compliment the illustrative glamour. Fortunately, Rayman’s side scrolling extravaganza is not only a blast to play, it may be one of the best and most innovative platformers since Mario Galaxy.

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N4g_null1877d ago

Read I like the graphics so much I dont care about the game play... where was all of this hoopla about graphics when this was first shown?

TheGameScouts1877d ago

I never said I liked the graphics so much that I didn't care about gameplay. I pretty much clarified that three sentences in.

N4g_null1877d ago

I love the graphics too... yet
"… then graphics become far more imperative to the experience. "

your graphic whore is showing and we all know she is worthless, good game though.... I didn't like galaxy also...

3-4-51877d ago

The game looks really good, but no game has ever been 10/10.

Your not rating how YOU feel about the game, even though you are the reviewer, your still letting us know how good the game is.

People who do reviews forget that...

We don't give a crap what YOU think the game is, we just want FACTS & TRUTH, and sometimes reviewers can be blinded by graphics.

BTW the graphics aren't great, it's the ART STYLE that is good.

N4g_null1877d ago

Preach it 345!

gamingis weird like that. We ignored bad playing games no matter how they looked. Dragons lair still stands as proof of this.

Gaming geeks that entered the industry talked graphics, things where more simpler then. Now playthur the game a few times, if people end up not liking this game because of the game play who do you think it is going to hurt? Well your site of course.

TheGameScouts1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Graphics are the sum of artistic style and technical performance. Therefore, they're used to describe not only the aesthetics, but how the visuals are executed. You also seem to be very confused as to what a review is. It's a formal assessment of a product with the possibility of instituting change. You can't be effectively and honestly critical unless you examine things from your own personal perspective and experience. The whole idea that reviews are entirely objective is a misconception that doesn't exist in any form of professional criticism. But then again, it seems you've made a judgement without actually reading the review, so we'll just leave it at that.

FaSCoRP1877d ago

graphics with the Ubi Art engine are AMAZING, and this looks with improvement from the Origins (even those old levels)

MYSTERIO3601877d ago

Ubisoft have be on fire recently first with Splinter cell now Rayman. Kudos Ubi

starchild1877d ago

Yep, Ubisoft are awesome. So many of my favorite games this generation have been made by them: Far Cry 3, Splinter Cell Blacklist, Assassin's Creed series, Rayman Origins, Prince of Persia. Just a fantastic developer/publisher in general.

TheDarpaChief1877d ago

Rayman getting dat last of us treatment

Neonridr1877d ago

Cannot wait for this game, glad to see it shines the most on the Wii U. It's been a long, painful wait for Wii U owners. While this game may have helped sell a few more consoles, ultimately I am glad that the mainstream get to enjoy this game across multiple consoles.

Hard to really compare a 2D platformer to a 3D one like Galaxy, but regardless, great looking game!

TheGameScouts1877d ago

Yea, it's certainly an incredible title. I was only comparing it to Mario Galaxy in terms of innovation since they're both of the platformer genre. They're definitely very, very different games. :)

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