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Like the games completely barred? Full of originality? With a ton of film references, such as Death Proof or Kill Bill Tarantino? So Killer is Dead is definitely for you. We regret only the technical part that lacks refinement. Sure, bugs collisions, aliasing and enthroned by tearing it by then. But no worries, nervous gameplay and wacky world make us forget the small problems with the image.

The quirky humor is one of the strengths of this production. Of girlfriends who call during a mission? That's Killer is Dead. Add to that a charismatic character and full of charm, rogues times, and you will be packed in no time. Requires Grasshopper Manufacture, the game is short, but enjoyable. After completing the beast, the player feels when forced to string together a few challenges for butchering nasty little beasties and extend life.

With its effective grip, many fans do not beat'em all will miss it as 100% Japanese where hemoglobin and large breasts mix.

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