The biggest benefit of next-gen consoles is their similarity says BethSoft VP

Examiner: "With everyone talking about the glitz and glamour of the next generation consoles most are taking aim at benefits that the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 bring. Whether it's more powerful processing, RAM, or better graphics, most gamers are excited to get in on the action. However, in an upcoming exclusive interview with Bethesda Softworks Vice President, Pete Hines, the developer said that the ability to push games to the next level isn't even the best part of this fall's consoles."

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DiRtY1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

I was told that there is no similarity.
A Free 2 Play and a couple of indie devs confirmed that the PS4 has so much more power.

Who is this Bethesda guy anyway?


Maddens Raiders1880d ago

Bethesda =/= 1st party dev

Forced camera =/= No forced camera

$399 =/= $499


Apps behind paywall =/= Apps behind paywall

Yeah some things may be similar from certain dev's perspective... however some things just aren't similar at all.

UnHoly_One1880d ago

When you can show me a game that looks or plays better because of any of those things, let me know.

Activemessiah1880d ago

Expect similar bugs then...

laijka1880d ago

I wonder how the fanboys will argue about this one..

1nsomniac1880d ago

The biggest benefit to them as a company yes, not to us as customers & gamers though at all!

JackOfAllBlades1880d ago

Anyone who isn't an idiot knows that they are very similar

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