VGLeaks - PlayStation 4 includes hUMA technology

There has been a lot of controversy about this matter in the last days, but we will try to clarify that Playstation 4 supports hUMA technology or at least it implements a first revision of it. We have to remember that AMD haven’t released products with hUMA technology yet, so it is difficult to compare with something in the market. Besides, no finished specifications are settled yet, therefore PS4 implementation may differ a bit with finished hUMA implementations.

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Muerte24941882d ago

All the benefits of GDDR5 and none of it's weaknesses.

MasterCornholio1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

This should get interesting.

-grabs popcorn-

hUMA me fanboys.


n4rc1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

Edit... I'll keep it short because I do t have the energy

I can't find a source backing up the headline... Can any of you?

Last reports from amd were that info was inaccurate

Muerte24941882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

Stop spreading false information. AMD's official statement was "no comment." Microsoft was pissed because he only verified what everyone already knew. But even if you dismiss the AMd's spokesperson, you already had countless articles pointing towards this.

"A recent interview with Mark Cerny at Gamasutra seems to confirm that the PS4 at least will employ AMD’s hUMA tech."

They even address the EsRAM solution found in Xbox One
"AMD even spoke, at one point, about the idea of using an embedded eDRAM chip as a cache for GPU memory — essentially speaking to the Xbox Durango’s expected memory structure. The following quote comes from AMD’s HSA briefing/seminar:

“Game developers and other 3D rendering programs have wanted to use extremely large textures for a number of years and they’ve had to go through a lot of tricks to pack pieces of textures into smaller textures, or split the textures into smaller textures, because of problems with the legacy memory model… Today, a whole texture has to be locked down in physical memory before the GPU is allowed to touch any part of it. If the GPU is only going to touch a small part of it, you’d like to only bring those pages into physical memory and therefore be able to accommodate other large textures.

With a hUMA approach to 3D rendering, applications will be able to code much more naturally with large textures and yet not run out of physical memory, because only the real working set will be brought into physical memory.”"

April 30th even before E3.

n4rc1882d ago

"Seems to confirm"

Confident statement... I still don't see anywhere that the ps4 IS using this tech..

And no... Some amd rep supposedly said such and such... That's not a quote... i want to know word for word what he said and that was never published.. Used his name but didnt do that.. Doesn't seem questionable to you?

And no again... AMD didnt say no comment... They publically stated it was inaccurate and that they don't comment on these matters.. Ie. This guy sucks at his job and likely doesn't know what he's talking about...

But more then likely.. He made some offhanded comment about the tech and the reporter spun it to suit their liking

MakiManPR1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

@n4rc U MAD & Jelly?

Muerte24941882d ago


Can you not read the date this article was posted? April 30th 2013. This was a month and a half ahead of E3. The AMD spokesperson didn't say this until 4-5 days ago. AMD have said they are refusing to comment.

Here an update that you probably didn't get after reading only the title.

"AMD contacted me again to make another comment. Essentially, they said that the correction statement to the original statement claiming hUMA was part PS4 was "inaccurrate" but that this correction does NOT mean the opposite claim is true. Even when pressed for a more specific and debate-ending comment, AMD wouldn't give us any more information."

"....but that this correction does NOT mean the opposite claim is true."


"were not saying that it doesn't support it either.."

PS4 APU is BASED off Kabini APU but it's been modified. Just how the GPU is based of the the Radeon 7870 but customized.

imt5581882d ago

It is not a false information. Of course AMD will not bash Sony or AMD or admit which one is better. hUMA information leaked accidentally from one of AMD's employee 2 weeks ago. So, PS4 has hUMA. Like it or not.

n4rc1882d ago

I never said it wasn't going to be used either...

But the entire point was its not confirmed one way or another.. xbox may use something similar.. Who knows...

Speculation is all fun and games.. But its not a fact as you seem to think

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Mystogan1882d ago

Xbox One has been confirmed to use a similar technology to hUma. This is just speculation.

Muerte24941882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

Wrong all the twitter post said was that Xbox One has coherent Memory. But this is where the problem lies. Microsoft are lumping in Xbox One's esRAM in with their DDR3 speeds. The esRAM numbers are complete speculation and hypothetical (190gb/s min and 204gb/s peak)to accommodate for DDR3's 58~68gb/s.

Microsfot's ESRAM solution does not read/write to the 204gb/s is a load of hogwash.

Edit: Go to neogaf, they've already picked this claim apart. The guy @ hotchips was quoting a Microsoft keynote. You're go ahead a believe them. Remember when Major Nelson said : " It's not like there's a switch for DRM that we can just turn off." Two weeks after E3, Microsoft flips the switch.

thrust1882d ago

You know better right?

think i will believe the guy at hotchips.

cheers thanx byes!

imt5581882d ago


Do you know better? Tell me, why Microsoft didn't show on some slides eSRAM bandwith 109 GB/s ( or how Microsoft's math is - 218 GB/s ), hm? Did you know that eSRAM bandwith increased due to GPU uplock? eSRAM can't read/write at the same time, god damn. If you won't trust us, trust B3D then :


I'll start: where does "204MB/s" come from? we know It is assumed that bus from eSRAM to GPU is not dual so how can it be possible to read and write simultaneously? even if it's possible why is it not 109*2 =218 GB/s?


It based on during only alpha transparency blending. So it just created math.

Its like saying my car can do 250 MPH*

*When drop off a cliff.

It doesnt have real world performance like that.

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