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Hardcore Gamer: "It’s a big risk to make a weird product in the video game industry. While the indie movement has given rise to gems like Hotline Miami, mainstream studios tend to be afraid to step out of the box. For every Catherine, there’s twenty generic military shooters. For every Saints Row IV, there’s twenty racing games. Thankfully, however, Japanese studios tend to revel in the avant-garde, continually releasing oddball games that have no equal in their ability to deviate from the norm. Unfortunately, we rarely get to experience these stateside, but when one comes, it’s cause for celebration. Killer is Dead is not only an uncommon opportunity to peer inside the Japanese game world, but also one of the strangest games ever created — and this is from the guy who made a game about a cheerleader fighting off hordes of zombies."

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N4g_null2275d ago

Might have to try this... suda you are going to get murder on the ps4 and xone, you have no fps and your games have art.... that does not work in that market.