Top Ten What Were They Thinking? (Modern Edition)

Kevin of Paranerds writes: " What feels like aeons ago we did a Top Ten What Were They Thinking (consoles and games)? Pretty much asking what were they thinking at the time with the terrible ideas. Now with the beginning of a new console war (and generation) we noticed a few things that are making us wonder "what are they thinking?". Like before, this does not include mistakes or inaccuracies and no, the DRM is not included since they fixed that. But instead let's focus on the consoles we have now and the ones coming. What are some of the things that made us tilt our head like a confused dog and ask what were they thinking?"

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AKR1877d ago

This article was incredibly poorly written. Some of his sentences didn't flow right and there were even a few grammatical errors...

But alas, I can see his point with some of the items he mentioned.

kirbyu1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

Wii HD sounds like it would make even more people think it isn't a new console. And the U does too stand for something.

And what? New Super Mario Bros./Luigi U, Nintendo Land, and ZombiU are the only Wii U games? When was this written? Has the writer not heard of Pikmin 3?

So apparently the Gamepad isn't HD. I never noticed. Also, the reason there's no multitouch is because it doesn't need multitouch.

What's the big deal about the Animal Crossing picture thing? The writer just sounds like he's complaining on that part.