Killer Is Dead Review - Hard Reset

Dan Hobbs: There are very few times in my years of video game playing where I place the controller on the floor and think, “Wow, thank god that’s over” after a session with a title. Killer Is Dead is one of those times.

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2268d ago Replies(2)
DanjHobbs2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

Hey guys, I'm the reviewer! Any Questions...just ask

MestreRothN4G2268d ago

Are you getting the clicks you are begging so much for?

wheresmymonkey2268d ago

Yep, I think its either a game people will love or hate.

I really like weird games and grindhouse movies, this is a weird grindhouse game so its my cup of tea.

But I do loathe the moral outrage some places seme to be bathing themselves in over a stupid minigame that's more a piss take of dating sims and golgo 13 than anything else

Yet its fine that all the so caleld romance in mass effect boils down to say the right thing to a character enough and they'll have sex with you.

its no different except this was in a game that's at least honest about being tasteless.

rextraordinaire2268d ago

So what now, crass sex has to be banned from video game media? Seriously?

There has to be only family-friendly games and politically correct ones?

DanjHobbs2268d ago

I never said they should be banned. If they break boundaries in right way, great! But a mini game that forces you to leer at women while they are not looking is more than just a little weird.

rextraordinaire2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

It pleases a certain kind of crowd. If you're not in that crowd, it's understandable that you are uneasy with it, but it does not makes a game bad or good. It's the same with movies. Sexploitation flicks from the 70s were not meant to please everyone and their grandmother, only a specific kind of crowd. The same goes with Suda51 games. As a reviewer, you need to know what you're going into.

The question should be: Is it a good game by Suda51 or one of his lesser work?

The same as with movies: Is it a good Lars Von Trier or a lesser one, etc.