Upcoming Borderlands 2 DLC makes you the “Ultimate Head Hunter”.

Brief rundown on the upcoming Borderlands 2 DLC

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LackTrue4K1931d ago

Getting this and Borderlands 2 for the Vita!!!

GentlemenRUs1930d ago

Can't be asked to spend anymore money on this game, The first season pass let me down so much!

But who knows, I might just end up getting the VITA port ;)

Blank1930d ago

Not going to lie I like the idea of this dlc but I still need to finish the last one and reach the lv cap stopped playing because they lowered your odds to get legendary loot much lower. But also the vita port I pray for cross save or I doubt ill buy it since I been through the campaign quite a bit...

fOrlOnhOpe571930d ago

I played virtually nothing but BL2 since it released. Just wish that the single player game had a few more legendaries drop.