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God is a Geek: "If you were a fan of the Lost Planet series already, there is a good chance that you won’t like Lost Planet 3 very much at all. Mechs are reduced to a mere sideline – mainly a form of transport – for this game, with most of the action taking place on foot. In that respect, the game is missing the unique identity that made the franchise stand out. There also isn’t nearly as much action as fans might be used to. However, the measured pace and involving storyline might well attract a whole new audience to the game, who are looking for a different gameplay experience."

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N4g_null2269d ago

Nope tlou players only like sony stories sorry capcom.... pacing in a video game huh... next we are going to appuald pacing in sports. When did gamers go to directors academy?

JackOfAllBlades2269d ago

The reviews for this game are from pretty good to horrible

WeAreLegion2269d ago

Nothing is going to attract people to this game because nobody knows it exists.