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Rich of Xboxer360 writes, "Suda51 returns to take another stab at realising his rather 'interesting' mind into a video game. If Tarantino made video games it would probably play something like Killer is Dead. It’s cool, stylish and would fit the style of Tarantino’s Kill Bill. The last Suda51 game I played was Shadows of the Damned in which he was the Executive Producer, I can't say I was a fan and thankfully I found KiD to be far more enjoyable.

The game unfolds in episodes, some of which are rather short. This gives variety to the levels which never drag on too long although the use of episodes can be quite jarring and break what little cohesion there is in the story. You are Mondo, an assassin with a soft-boiled egg addiction tasked with completing contracts for your clients, to say that the missions are weird would be the understatement of the century, then again the clients you work for aren’t exactly normal. How about taking on a contract that sees you travel to the dark side of the moon or to fight someone riding a huge tiger? One of your clients even turns into a small bird when you complete their job! This is just some of the craziness that awaits you in KiD."

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SeraphimBlade2270d ago

Reviews are all over the damn place. That's a good sign for Suda51 games, if you ask me. I tend to enjoy them most when they're divisive.

Duddy1012270d ago

Would'nt really call this a review no offence just not enough info.

MrBT2269d ago

For a more concise review please visit :oP how's that for in-depth!

Duddy1012269d ago

Perfect, only new to the forum world.

jasona19802269d ago

"No offence" but did you actually click the Read Full Review Link ? Sounds like you thought the review was just the snippet above, which is very odd, or stupid ;)

Duddy1012269d ago

Thats exactly what I did, Like I said im only new lol