Free PlayStation Plus with Vita 3G activation

Activating a 3G-enabled PlayStation Vita under a new DataConnect plan with AT&T will get you two free games and three months of PlayStation Plus membership.

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vigilante_man2274d ago

A 4g model would be worth it. 3G is too slow in the real world. If they do release a 4g version I would consider upgrading from my wifi Vita.

EE offer a 4g sim for £5 a month to use the same data from your smartphone data plan..

Go on Sony, go 4g.

Thehyph2274d ago

Whilst I would love to have a 4G vita, I highly doubt this will come to light. At least for a few years. A 4g data radio is not a cheap thing. The vita would see a pretty substantial price increase if it had 4g.

Just do what I do: tether it to your phone. Mine uses my Galaxy S3's LTE when I need it connected and nothing to connect it to.

PrimeGrime2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

Exactly with everyone having a phone that practically tethers now. It is just not necessary to increase the price of the Vita just to put a 4G chip inside it.

Along with having to pay for an additional 4G plan for the thing.

Ugh don't get me started on cell phone carriers these days.. Surprised people put up with the absurdity in random charges that have no explanation and the ridiculously costly plans.

I mean they literally charge you these random fees now for nothing. For instance you have to pay for data already that is included in the plan but then you pay for another initial data fee that isn't even included in the plan..

So messed up.

JackOfAllBlades2274d ago

That might get some people to try out the 3G

SpiralTear2274d ago

I'm pretty surprised that this model is still being pushed. Everyone I know who owns a Vita has the Wi-fi only model and some of them are even AT&T users already.

wynams2274d ago

Why are you surprised? Free 3G capability and SIM card!

I'm surprised anyone would by a wifi only over a 3G now that they are the same price.

dcj05242274d ago

4g is better for multiplayer.

vigilante_man2274d ago

It is not just better, it is a must. Unless you live underneath a mast!