Buying Games: Digital VS Physical

Buying a digital copy of a game will never surpass a physical unless some changes are made.

Digital distribution, a lot has been said lately about this “monster” lurking in the shadows. Like always there are two sides of everything and we can sit here the whole day and discuss all the Pros and Cons of both Digital and Physical distribution.

"I want to rather talk about things that need to change with digital distribution to make it a viable and preferable option."

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AIndoria2273d ago

Physical. You know why? I CAN'T DOWNLOAD ANYTHING ON MY LIMITED BROADBAND. 2 Mbps till 8 gig and .512 after that? Good luck bro :P

Hopefully I move to US after this semester and get better broadband. Digital will never be as popular and successful as compared to physical unless there is standard broadband everywhere.
Also, 33% of US lacks proper broadband. :/ THIS is why Aliens won't talk to us. Or maybe they will, but only to US, like they do in movies. *waves*

Fr0zeBud2273d ago

Yeah proper Internet is still to slow and expensive

mewhy322273d ago

Being able to resell your disc based games is a big deal. I sell and/or trade games regulary and use the money to buy additional games. micro$oft messed up trying to take that away and now they're being outsold 4-1 by Sony. I don't think digital will ever overtake disc because people like to have something that they can hold in their hands and take it with them, and be able to lend and/or trade games with friends without big brother saying ...nope you can't do that...(listening micro$$$$$$oft?).

MasterCornholio2273d ago

Dang that's horrible. I have a 100MBS internet connection in Spain and Movistar doesn't cap it.

Where do you live?

Motorola RAZR i

Fr0zeBud2273d ago

SOuth Africa, we get ripped for connections here

iamnsuperman2273d ago

I prefer digital. It is nice to have your collection in your profile so you can delete and download whenever you want it. I am quite forgetful so I tend to loose physical discs.

GarrusVakarian2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

Physical. I can sell it, trade it, borrow it, give it away. I like trading games in towards other games and i like having complete control over something i buy so digital is a no go for me. Call me oldschool.

Hicken2273d ago

I agree with everything... almost. I don't like trading in games, but I don't mind TRADING games. Or loaning them, anyway.

Yeah, old school is the way to go.

I don't mind digital, it's pretty convenient in many ways. But there's just nothing like actually owning a hard copy of things.

CocoWolfie2273d ago

yeah digital for some reason is always more expensive, you rarely get any bonuses, you cant pass on the game say if you dont have that much money to keep it, and it takes up your hard drive a significant amount. so :/

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The story is too old to be commented.