Bethesda is "pushing" to let you play Elder Scrolls Online on Xbox One without Xbox Gold

The Elder Scrolls Online got a whole lot more contentious last week, when it emerged that the game would adopt the monthly subscription revenue model widely considered to be a dead duck, given the explosive growth of free-to-play MMOs. Speaking to OXM at Gamescom, lead gameplay designer Nick Konkle and Bethesda Softworks marketing boss Peter Hines have discussed the move, revealing that Bethesda and ZeniMax have asked Microsoft to make the game available to non-Xbox Gold subscribers, so you won't have to swallow an additional monthly fee.

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NYC_Gamer1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

All of the sub based games and f2p titles shouldn't be behind any pay wall

slivery1974d ago

Well sadly this game isn't free to play or even pay once to play.

Septic1974d ago

Come on MS, get your act together. This paywall seems ridiculous now that proper MMO's are finally gracing the consoles in a big way.

DeFFeR1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )


"in a big way"

I don't think ES Online will be a hit 'in a big way' with a $15/month fee. This isn't 2005. People will likely buy it, but not play beyond the initial time included in the retail package.

MizTv1974d ago

I would rather it be under gold than this pay monthly crap

trafalger1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

that tank game coming to x360 shouldn't be behind a paywall either but it is.

m$ has created there own internal service and they feel the live features warrant everything to be behind a paywall. not sure if i agree with that and thats why we want companies like sony and nintendo to keep pushing with there own competitive services. now that the ps4 will require the plus service to play online it makes the case against xbox live that much harder. m$ thinks everyone will want gold so by having mmo's like this one come with another monthly fee is no big deal (i don't really agree with that). netflix also has monthly fees. some consumers see it differently, they want to pay once and that's it or better yet have all of these things free.

that's why mmo's have been a tough sell on the x360 and why they are so limited. now with m$ investing so much into dedicated servers and cloud technology there is no reason to not have more mmo games. and again having the ps4 now charge for multiplayer makes the case easier for m$.


Given that nearly every other service on the xbox is behind the paywall and most xbox users, especially xbo users will be paying for Gold anyway, does it really help most people that would be playing this game ?

I mean it's still an added cost. my guess would be that most people who don't have a gold account don't because either they are in an area with no internet or they for financial reasons don't have gold. If they can't pay $30 a year for Gold, are they really going to pay $15 a month for just one game ?

For those of us already paying for gold, well it's still an added cost that I don't want so even if it's not behind the paywall it's still not going to get me to buy it.

badz1491974d ago


lol, you think M$ would want to share those delicious $60 with Bethesda or anybody else for that matter? yeah...keep dreaming, buddy!

you even need to pay to access FB and Twitter on Xbox for god sake, and you are hoping for Gold-less F2P? like seriously?

ThanatosDMC1974d ago

Good luck Bathesda, but i doubt it'll happen since if MS allows one company to get out of the paywall then they'd have to make exemptions to other companies, which means less $$$$.

3-4-51974d ago

This game is going to suck. After seeing FF14, & The new EverQuest, + a few more, nobody is going to want to play this crap, especially once they find out there is a single player only experience waiting to be played 3 years from now.

People should be fired for greenlighting this project.

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Bigpappy1974d ago

They are wasting their time with this one for the reason Slivery highlighted. $15 a month is not going to sell well with Xbox gamers. Xbox Gold works because it is a once a year fee. No one is looking for another monthly bill to pay. If they go yearly and drop the asking price down to even $100, it has a better chance at getting a decent amount of users signing on.

nosferatuzodd1974d ago

This I got to see greedy Microsoft not hiding behind a pay wall this going to be interesting cant wait light cigar kick feet up like the words of the great freezer from dragonballz
What a great show this is going to be ha ha ha

B-radical1974d ago

The game itself is a paywall 15 bucks little man put that shit in my hand if that money doesnt show then you owe me owe me owe me owe my jungle love owey owey owe i think i want to get to know ya yeah what

zeal0us1974d ago

Didn't MS let FF11 be played on X360 without having XBLG? I wonder why MS is having the change of heart now?

Mounce1974d ago

I agree completely, NYC.

But really, I don't think Microsoft will budge for Bethesda, I'll tell them GOOD LUCK.

At the same time we KNOW Sony offers this decision TO DEVELOPERS, For developers. You don't NEED PSN+ to play an online game unless the developer decides it to be. So under this situation and for PS4? Bethesda wouldn't need to Push, but Bethesda wants more platforms to have their game. PS4 development clearly has been easy since of this but it tells me at least(If it wasn't already known) that Elder Scrolls Online may be the First game on PS4 that isn't made by Sony and isn't F2P that won't demand PSN+

Because so far, as Sony puts, it's up to the dev on if it's behind PSN+ or not, whilst F2P will remain outside and same goes for Apps like Netflix.

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TrevorPhillips1974d ago

We are already going to be paying for PS+ and XBL, so there shouldn't be any subscription at all.

KwietStorm1974d ago

Well that has nothing to do with their game.

ZeroX98761974d ago

I hate to say this, but if you don't like those pay wall, playing on PC is one option. Even then, you'll still need to pay the monthly subscription.

gamingfriend1974d ago

That will never happen on xbox at all, unlike sony

Zichu1974d ago

FFXI didn't require Gold on the 360 and it was a subscription based MMO...

Zichu1974d ago

Why did me and Creep get disagrees O.o

I swear... Some people are pathetic and immature on this site...

Septic1974d ago


How dare you? How dare you mention facts on here?! Do you not know where we are?!

Excalibur1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

The monthly subscription was a deal breaker for me, I canceled my pre-order for it.

I'll bet if more people did the same there wouldn't be a monthly subscription by the time it came out, vote with your wallet.

90Supra1974d ago

Don't see MS letting that happen...


As far as the game itself...

Not about to pay an additional sub on top of PS+

They can keep this one...

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