American Developers Comment on Japanese Video Games' Weaknesses

Kotaku: "At a recently held game developers' convention in Japan, Kento Kojima, a lead animator at 2K Games, gave a presentation on things he has learned working for an American game studio. The presentation covered both the good and the bad.

It also featured some responses from a hundred or so American game devs that had been asked why Japanese made games were having a tough time abroad—namely, why they weren't selling in the U.S."

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ShugaCane2273d ago

"Japanese games are too talky, and their stories aren't good at evoking empathy"

Metal Gear Solid says Hi, Ico/SoTC send their regards, Ni No Kuni is waving at you right now.

pr0t0typeknuckles2273d ago

Dont forget 999/zero escape,phoenix wright,you know what almost any handheld game made by the Japanese.

FarEastOrient2272d ago

How about approaching story lines like Attack on Titan, there is something there that will work with western audiences.

2273d ago
BABY-JEDI2273d ago

My only complaint is that some Japanease dev's are trying to westernise their games. Why the f*ck bother when your characters & storytelling is far superior, oh & artistic style as well. Look @ Crapcom as a prime example.

CrossingEden2273d ago

Characters and storytelling are far better? Um, where have you been for this entire gen, western storytelling surpassed japanese storytelling a long while ago. Last of Us, walking dead, mass effect, heavy rain, journey, bioshock, half life, Assassin's creed. Tip of the iceburg. While jrpgs are still stuck at using the same exact androgynous teenager archetypes we've all seen before.

BABY-JEDI2273d ago

I've been playing ni no kuni lately & the story development is genius. It draws upon the child within us all, but also develops within the themes of human kindness, compassion, hope ect. The games you have mentioned are GREAT! But what about all the complete sh*t also out there made by the western market. I like Ico, it's simple, not over worked, yet true art.

Rockdown2273d ago

Japanese games, American games there is hardly anything worth playing; aint nothing new under the sun.

CrossingEden2272d ago

This comment is the epitome of denial. Um hello all those new ips like the last of us and beyond two souls. Compared to yet another anime jrpg that does nothing new.

dcj05242273d ago

Give me good game me will play.

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