UPDATED: Splinter Cell: Blacklist riddled with launch problems on PC in some regions

It sounds like they've finally fixed the PC bug affecting Splintercell: Blacklist

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jamz41876d ago

I guess it can't be as bad as double agent was. I won't buy another splinter cell on pc after that.

xPhearR3dx1876d ago

Blacklist is great on PC. I've only encountered a few strange graphical glitches here and there out of 27 hours of play. Alt+Tab out of the game and back in fixed it.

It's actually a REALLY good Splinter Cell game. I enjoyed it a lot. Although, I will never get use to Sams new VO. Ironside is classic.

Corpser1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

Good that they fixed it, now can they fix the console versions? For some radon they seem to run at sub 720p and sub 30 fps, it's like they at running on really old hardware or something

quantae061876d ago

It's riddled with problems on the consoles as well.