Face-Off: Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Digital Foundry: "Sam Fisher's Wii U debut stacked up against the Xbox 360, PC and PS3 versions of the game."

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RudeSole Devil1971d ago

Same old, let me guess PC wins?? LenofTruth confirmed the Wii U version better days ago. Had the 360 version and traded it in for the Wii U version, and thank god I did.

starchild1970d ago

The way it goes is:

PC >>>WiiU>PS3=360

windblowsagain1970d ago

Wii u is the worst version,lol.

Worse textures, Worse framerate, and missing features.

It's out of PS3/360.

PS3 has best framerate, 360 has slight rez bump.

Looks rushed to all platforms.

Hopefully BF4 Won't suffer so bad being on alot of platforms.

Wii u should just be Ninty games. Does not have the power

Abdou0231970d ago

Looking at the Multi-Picture comaprison it goes like this ( At least to me ) :

PC >> WiiU >> 360 >> PS3.

Locknuts1971d ago

If I didn't have a PC I'd go for the higher resolution version with no screen tearing (Wii U) over the slightly better textures (360) or consistent framerate (PS3). If you want to find someone to game with online however, that's a different story....

falcon971971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

These guys always do comparisons on wiiu when the wiiu is using like 10% of its power ie cpu ports ???? come on DF wait for COD Ghosts and compare it on all 3 nextgen consoles....idiots,the wiiu's nextgen power is in that gpgpu and massive very fast edram section......even though Moonlith soft say with X we are having no cpu problems on arguably the biggest game world NEXTGEN with zero loading yes iwata said no loading to enter new areas like MonsterHunter ect...Hmmmmm,ubisoft if X can achieve this then get a patch to sort the slightly longer load times..

falcon971969d ago

And something else to note is developers only have 70% of wiiu power anyway,theres 30% of hidden power in that beast and even without that wiiu is hitting 1080p native 60fps on Bayonetta2,MK8 and lots more..

aquamala1971d ago

WiiU : 1280x720 2xMSAA, long load times
360: 1200x720 2xMSAA
PS3: 1152x648 2MSAA

on the other hand, 1080p 60fps on PC

GDDR6_20141971d ago

PC version looks phenomenal, looks as good as "next gen" games

falcon971971d ago

It looks better than Nextgen games at least 1st gen Nextgen games anyway...

ape0071970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Lol wut, KZ sf or ryse or Drive Club or forza 5 looks waaay better than splinter cell PC imo

SC pc is an old gen build with new coat of paint, first gen nextgen games are nextgen in their core

starchild1970d ago


They're talking about the PC version. I've heard you say that you don't game on PC so I'm guessing you haven't seen the PC version.

It's on a whole different level. Over and above the console versions every asset is higher resolution and higher quality, from the textures to the shadows to the post process effects.

In addition to all the core assets being better, the PC version also has tessellation, parallax occlusion mapping, HBAO+ ambient occulusion, and contact hardening shadows.

"On the PC, every asset in Blacklist is of a higher quality, from the textures to the models, to the audio. The extra Video RAM of PC GPUs is used to bring higher-resolution textures to the screen, the extra processing power of CPUs and GPUs allows more detailed models and effects to be rendered, and the extra storage space of PC hard drives enables Ubisoft to ship Blacklist with high-quality Surround Sound mixes and audio files, free from compression. Even the .bik video files are of a higher quality, ensuring unsightly compression artifacts aren’t seen."

You should read that article in order to understand all that has gone into the PC version.

It truly is one of the best looking games on PC and these guys are completely correct when they say it even looks better than some next gen console games.

RedDeadLB1970d ago

Considering they're still using UE2.5 as the engine, it's highly unlikely. And I'm playing it on Ultra, it's a great looking game, no doubt about it. Just not quite next-gen.

Allsystemgamer1970d ago

If the textures were a higher resolution then for sure. The tesselation is fantastic in it though.

starchild1970d ago

Not only is the tessellation put to very good use in this game, it also has the best lighting and shadow quality that I have seen in any game, period.

The shadows are the highest resolution and best filtered shadows I have seen. Even at close distance you don't see the kind of dithering or jaggedness that you see in other games (including amazing looking games like The Witcher 2 and Crysis 3).

The other thing that puts it ahead is the HBAO+. This is the first game to use HBAO+ and it is amazing. Standard HBAO used in games like Battlefield 3 on PC is rendered at half-resolution and this creates a certain amount of flicker and graininess even if other filtering techniques are used to try to mitigate it.

Unlike HBAO, HBAO+ is a DirectX 11 technique that is much more efficient than HBAO or SSAO and uses over two times as many samples and is rendered at full resolution instead of half resolution as with the other methods.

Simply put, the shading and shadowing is the best ever seen in a game. I guarantee that even lots of next gen games won't have shadow quality this good. I'm already seeing much inferior low res shadows in games like Watch Dogs and KZSF with a lot more graininess, banding, flickering, jagged edges, etc.

And the textures in the PC version of Blacklist overall are outstanding. Of course there are somewhat lower res textures here and there just like in every game. Even in the mighty Crysis 3 I come across some lower res textures here and there.

And I just wanted to say that people get way too hung up on which engine a game is using. It doesn't mean as much as people think. It really comes down to how an engine has been modified and how effectively it is used.

Naughty Dog is going to use the current Uncharted engine on their next gen games, but does that mean that their next gen games will look current gen? Of course not. That's not how things work.

I'm playing on Ultra (except using FXAA and SMAA through RadeonPro) and I'm forcing triple buffering and capping the frame rate at my screen's refresh rate of 60hz. I get a smooth 60fps at Ultra settings and the game looks incredible. It can easily go toe to toe with most of the other high end PC games.

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