PlayStation 4 Vs. Xbox One: Online Services

The term ‘videogames as a service’ has been thrown about with wild abandon in recent years, and following the official unveiling of Microsoft Studios’ plans for such advancement – and subsequent backtracking – it’s apparent that the gaming public isn’t yet ready for the switch from format to form. Instead we are set to experience a revision of existing online features for both next-generation consoles, as are highlighted in this new video.

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ape0071879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Xbox one cloud servers = better online gameplay

ps4 ps plus = better value

in order for MS to beat or compete with sony, they must do a kinectless 399$ SKU and adverstise the hell of out CoD (the biggest game on PSN and XBL) having dedicated servers only for X1

most people will buy an X1 over ps4 for that(if the price was equal and service worked well), everyone's dream is to play online seamlessly on their system but MS still want KINECT......smh

Edit: people disagree all u want, i don't care i only care for real sensible arguments, disagreeing behind a computer screen without a legit reason will do nothing, it's denial, it's self defeat, u can easily get shut/owned in actual real life with those arguments, how can u allow yourselves to be shallow/weak like that???? this is sad since most people here are 30+

Muerte24941879d ago

about this gen. I owned both xbox360 and Playstation 3. There was literally no difference in online play. I thought this myth has been proven untrue quite some time ago. While dedicated servers are better the P2P, if you have a bad connection you're still going to lag.

ape0071879d ago

i agree but ms and devs(IW, Respawn and volition)said great things about X1's online service

we'll see

Bluepowerzz1879d ago Show
bigrob9041879d ago

i use to never understand this mythical superior version of online play for live. i was like what exactlt are yall paying all this money for? cross game chat? because i could o everything they where doing for free on my ps3. also we had games that had many more players online then on live. we had 60 on resistance, mag had 256 if i recall. so where was this superiority. and now we have the new generation and it's still better.

True_Samurai1879d ago

^^^ I believe we can all agree that Bluepowerz is the greenpowerz of the Sony side

buddymagoo1879d ago

PlayStation online is proven last gen with MAG 128 v 128 multiplayer. I have no doubts PlayStation will be the leader again this coming generation.

Gozer1879d ago

PSN wasn't the leader this gen, and with Live using dedicated servers for every online MP game, Live will be the best next-gen as well. Ape is right. Its easy to see the sony bias on this site when Apes true comment is disagreed with 10-1 in favor of a lie.

hqgamez1879d ago

I say force Microsoft Team to eat those nasty strings on bananas

Muerte24941879d ago


They do not use them for every game. I played the shit out of Gear of War 3. They did not have dedicated servers. It was peer to peer. Death2494 was my name on Xbox Live look it up.

Sono4211878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Okay so iv'e been gaming on PS3 for quite a while now and the online experiences has basically been flawless (I Have a great internet connection) but about 7 months ago I finally got a 360 just for my youtube channel (I make call of duty videos and they get the map packs first so I gave in) and right from the get go I had nothing but problems.

1. At first it wouldn't let me connect to live at all despite having a solid connection and having paid for live. It kept giving me some error code so I looked it up, it told me that I either need to confirm my email or check my internet connection, well my email was confirmed so I just tried setting up the internet connection again and it still didn't let me connect.. it could connect to the internet but not live.. so I looked to see if other people had the same problem and they said you have to reset the system but I didn't (I can't remember why) but then the next day I try again and it works... did literally nothing different. Nothing changed but it worked.. if that's not and inconsistent service idk what is.

2. Now if that wasn't annoying enough it sometimes doesn't let me install patches... ill be connected to live just fine but when I go to download the patch it just kicks me off, either right away or in the middle of downloading and all it says is an error has occurred check your internet connection and I do nothing to fix it.. I just keep trying and eventually get lucky and it downloads before I get kicked off. Even more annoying when every game requires that first patch.

3. Now last but not least I randomly get signed off and it just tells me to check my connection, but I cannot stress enough that my connection is FINE it's actually better than most.. My laptop my PS3 my phone and my wii all connect to it great its just the 360.. but I quit the channel now so I gave my 360 for my brother to deal with. Also I want to say this isn't just me, another guy apart of the channel bought a 360 with me and had similar problems! Idk if it's cause we bought the new 360 or what but it honestly ruined the experience.

----------------------------- -----------------

In short the 360 and it's online have been nothing but a headache for me while the PS3 and PSN have been flawless besides that month of downtime. From experience alone I know who i'm going with next gen.

Also for those who think i'm just somebody claiming to own a 360 or whatever the proof is on my channel where I say we now have a 360 division as i'm recording 360 gameplay.. see for yourself, click on the top video

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NewMonday1879d ago

most games use their own dedicated servers and available on both PS4 and XB1 like Destiny and BF4, so this is not a total advantage for the XB1.

ape0071879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

great response

alb18991879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Then, most of games wont use the whole power of the ps4 so is not total advantage that ps4 is on paper more powerful than X1.
of curse you won agree with me as i don't with you.

NewMonday1879d ago


point is the PS4 can match the XB1 advantage in most cases, but the XB1 can never match the PS4's power.

alb18991879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

I know your point but that is what you want to believe......developers are saying different things about the power in servers that Microsoft has.
what i most use in a console is the online play and there is where Microsoft is putting all their my opinion is that Microsoft is two steps in front in that area.

fullymoated1878d ago

So can someone please explain why CoD multiplayer was a better experience on 360? If it wasn't the sony online services, then was it the way the game was coded for ps3? Or did they not police it as well and it was full of glitchers?

I'd really like to know as it'll effect my decision to change my PS4 pre-order or not.

On the other side of that argument, was battlefield a better experience on the PS3, and if yes then why would that be?

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cleft51879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

There is so much talk about Cloud gaming this and that, yet Sony owns GaiKai which is one of the most advanced Cloud Gaming services. Microsoft has their service and we all assume it will be this magical thing that will be great.

The Cloud just refers to a bunch of servers that store content remotely and allow for computations to take place on their servers instead of having to dedicate local processing power of the console itself for that purpose. Ideally that is great and all, but relying to heavily on that means that a person needs to have a constant smooth internet connection in order for a game to reach it's full potential.

This has it's own set of problems and ultimately even this is limited by the capabilities of the hardware. In no way does Cloud servers = better online gameplay. What is a big deal is the 300,000 dedicated servers that Microsoft supposedly has for the Xbox One. By the way, those two are not the same thing and if those servers are being used as dedicated servers and Cloud servers that is a big problem. The reason being that now a good number of those servers will be either directly allocated for Cloud computing or it will be a combination of the two.

We don't fully know Sony's Cloud computing plan, but since they spent $300 million dollars buying GaiKai it is clear that they have one. Which means that Sony and Microsoft are on equal ground in that area. The reality is that if you are getting a Xbox One you have no choice but to buy Xbox Live Gold because all of the key features of that console is behind a pay wall. This isn't true of the PS4.

Buy whatever console you like, but lets not pretend like the Xbox One is the 360 in terms of features and services and most people are clearly getting the PS4. That $100 price tag difference along with better overall hardware is attractive to far to many people. The only real question is if you buy a Xbox One with your PS4 or down the line. Also, if you post any comment than you open yourself up to disagrees and comments from other people.

IcicleTrepan1879d ago

You know what.. we haven't heard a peep about Gaikai in a long time. I think they used that tech for the Vita remote play and are ditching the streaming video game services.

alb18991879d ago

GaiKai 30,000 servers Vs Microsoft 300,000 wao, there is not visible difference!

adventureghost1241879d ago

That is the smartest comment I have heard in a long time. Bubble for you

malokevi1879d ago

Gaikai and Azure on equal footing? ahahahaha.

now whose the fanboy? Christ.

" Microsoft Azure was 56% faster than AWS S3 when it came to writing data into its cloud, and 39% faster when reading data. "

Azure isn't some dedicated "cloud gaming" service. It is the fastest and largest proprietary cloud infrastructure on the planet. Capable of cloud processing at speeds that DWARF everything else out there.

Seriously, people. This is MS. They didn't buy up a cloud streaming service... they worked with Samsung to develop 28 international server installations (and growing) that are impervious to any and all natural disasters, and can be used for any and all applications.

Can't believe people still argue this crap. do some research.

mcstorm1879d ago

@cleft5 well said.

At the end of the day people should just buy the console they want it really is that simple just like anything else in life. We are all different and have different needs. Some people the WiiU will be better others the Xbox one and others the PS4 just like IOS, WP8 and Android is better for some people and not others.

I really don't get all the but Sony is better because or x1 is better because stuff. If it fits you better fine buy it but stop telling everyone what they should buy as we have a choice for a reason and long may that continue.

n4rc1879d ago

Holy crap.. Well said? FML

A big wall of fluff full of inaccuracies... Awesome..

You even short changed the gaikai acquisition by $150m.. And its not a leading gaming g service...

It was less of a failure then its ONE competitor in streaming games online... Guess that makes you a leader.. Lol

It was bought for tech.. Likely for remote play... It has NOTHING in common with the azure cloud

HammadTheBeast1879d ago

@Malokevi and n4rc

You guys are complete idiots if you believe MS will dedicate it's entire Azure server to one Xbox division. 300 K servers for Azure AS A WHOLE, with the footing that the Xbox division is on right now, I'd be surprised if they even dedicate 10 k to gaming.

dantesparda1878d ago

Not only that, but the 300K number is virtualized, i love how they love to leave that out. They dont have 300K real physical servers

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Bigpappy1879d ago

No one know which service will be better until we get to use them.

tortri1879d ago

Look if microsofts "cloud" service is so great why haven't they released a video showing pre/post cloud game? They haven't advertise what real advantages it has. Wow it gives me better AI.. Ok, prove it and they haven't. They just have the regular exclusive titles that honestly can be on any system because "the cloud" isn't really doing anything at all. It's more of an advertising word and leaving the customers imagination run wild to what it's doing, hoping the customers conclude to "WOW MS CLOUD MADE THIS GAME BETTER!"

I'm sorry but in today's world you need results to prove your statement. MS has not.

n4rc1879d ago


That's right kids... The multi billion dollar hoax! Its just smoke and mirrors.. Its been all the PS fans with no proof or knowledge..

Your on to them.... the black NSA vans will be pulling up to your door shortly

Kryptix1879d ago

I just spent billions of dollars creating the biggest mansion in the U.S.. I guess you're going to believe me even though I didn't show you any videos of it. The stupid one is you, good sir.

jaelegend1879d ago

tell the naive masses!!! good job tortri

n4rc1878d ago

Hahaha... Its a service available right now... Denying a platform that is up and running is comical..

Keep dreaming away those insecurities... Xbox has something your ps4 doesn't... Deal with it...

Constantly acting like little children pretending its all a lie just makes you look foolish..

Kryptix1878d ago

"Keep dreaming away those insecurities... Xbox has something your ps4 doesn't... Deal with it... "

Yea, you're right, the Xbox has something the PS4 doesn't, a Kinect. And I'm happy it doesn't, so I don't have to pay an extra $100 for something I'll never use just like most of the population.

I'll label you blind till you show me a video of the cloud amplifying the Xbox One, giving it three times more power like Microsoft was saying. Wait, you can't, Microsoft took advantage of your blind loyalty. lol

The best part, you don't believe Microsoft is working with the NSA though the proof is out there, but you believe in the cloud's power when there's no proof of it that it enhances the Xbox One's power 3x. Xbots these days in denial...

fullymoated1878d ago

Well the xbox does actually have something, i wish we could get some actual reasoning instead of immature comments on here.

I like PS4. everything about it. Except now i look at X1 having titanfall, cod dedicated servers, and exclusive content for The Division. After Battlefield, those 3 shooters are my next favourites. So should I get an X1 or what? Thanks =)

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Jiggins991879d ago

personally i love peer-to-peer hosting... when i'm host on cod its triple swarm time :)

fardan851879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

First, do you know if COD will be treated with dedicated servers on PS4 or not? this should get cleared before MS can advertise the COD dedicated server only on XB1 thing.
2nd, People will not choose their first console solely for 1 game "COD" having dedicated servers.
I'm going with PS4, not because of the price, launch line-up..etc it's just because I know Sony will deliver in the long run and they will bless us with great experiences, just like every gen.
3rd, If MS advertise COD as it's main attracting point to the system then people might get different message from the one MS want to deliver, ex: People might think MS doesn't have a good exclusive games to sell their consoles therefore they are advertising COD to make some sales and appeal to consumers.

You can agree or disagree as much as you want but in the end it's my opinion, and probably many gamers share the same as mine.

Blaze9291879d ago

Sony still has to prove themselves with PSN and we'll see about that with PS4. Everyone already knows how beastly Xbox LIVE is as a platform with great software to go with it.

We know Sony isn't a software company - and that's where (imo) they always lack at. Some people like the UI of the PS4 and Vita - i don't. PSN we pretty much have to wait and see with PS4 and forward.

Xbox Live on Xbox One - we already know it'll be great and only get better with this cloud stuff.

Simply facts.

jaelegend1879d ago

lol thats opinions not facts

1. has anyone ever lagged on first party sony titles?
2. has anyone ever lagged on 3rd party titles call of duty?

hmmmm i say PS3 online was just as good free as opposed to 360s pay service........0.0 omg now that were paying for online with ps4 dear god.

Answer to question 1 almost never if i did it was on my part with my own connections

Answer to question 2 all the time even with xfinity high speed which barely worked but ya everyone lags on cod

Clarence1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Not true live was supposedly better than PSN this gen, and the 350 was cheaper. Yet the the PS3 sold more. People only care about being able to play on line. Dedicated servers are a plus, but I did fine without them, and so did so many other people.

I had live and PSN this gen. The only difference that I notice was the interface was better on live. As far as playing online, I had no problems with either one.

You tripping if you think dedicated servers will help M$ sell more Xbox 1s.

AngelicIceDiamond1879d ago

1).Mod support
2).Cloud Processing (300 000 dedicated servers)
3).Smart-Match and advanced match making
4).Unlimited cloud storage
5).Kinect 2.0 has some great potential and complete navigation through the console
6).Dynamic and progressive achievements
7.)Xbox Smartglass
8.)Improved Reputation system
9.)Customization UI
10.)One Gold account shared across all accounts
11.)Snap Mode. And Snap anything
12.)Windows PC compatible
13.)Gamesharing (coming later)
14.)1000 friends list, Unlimited followers.

The PS4 is great from a value proposition. Which is why Im picking one up also.

The X1 just has a ridiculous amount of features going on overall.

XboxFun1879d ago

Definite, the amount of features the X1 has for GAMES you just can't compare.

The Xbox One will be a beast of a machine, especially 2 years from now when we start really seeing the mea of the sytem.

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black0o1879d ago

it's not 1 GB it's 2 GB* and warframe is for everyone not just PS+ ,this guy needs to do some homework
Bottom line is that PSN+ has a lot more to offer then XLG ..

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gamingfriend1879d ago

Psn on next gen is alot better for value than xbl, sony seems to be looking to impress and give away stuff im heading to psn next gen xbox been taking my money for 7 years time someone else did.

kwiksilver991879d ago

i think its great that the x1 will have dedicated servers and is a definite plus in the online features list.
i wonder if sony have an answer to it.

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