Ginx- Killer is Dead Review

Ginx:Some call him crazy. Others call him mad. His games are sick, slick and stylish like no others. His name; is Goichi Suda. Suda 51. And this is his opus. Prepare yourself. Killer… is Dead. It’s supposed to be an action game, right? The story of a katana-wielding cyborg executioner; who looks like he just stepped out of a hundred Japanese Mangas, thrown from level to level in order to cut down bad guys, chop up bosses and smash vases for pick-ups. But as always with Suda 51, it’s not as simple as that, not so easy to pin down or understand. The cyborg in question is Mondo Zappa – a man inspired by the likes of James Bond, and named after a type of Italian exploitation film. He is an employee of the Brian Execution Firm, an organisation that’s supposed to kill people for money – but tends to forget that last part more often than not. Through his work, Mondo doesn’t just travel the globe, he goes above it and beyond it, all the way to the surface of the moon and into the depths of a woman’s psyche – a surreal journey that more resembles a David Lynch film or a Salvador Dali painting than your typical hack n’ slasher.

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