Top 5 most anticipated PS4 games as voted for by the PSU community

In a poll conducted on PlayStation Universe via the community and social media channels, ShadowFall notched up 38 percent of the vote while Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs came in second with 26 percent.

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DoomeDx1877d ago

Agreed. Shadow fall seems amazing.

After the multiplayer reveal, and the recent anouncement of it running 1080p 60fps, I simply cannot wait to play this game.

black0o1877d ago

so far KZ:SF has a great SP mode and greater MP which very rare in FPS games this days

Agriel1877d ago

And it looks damn nice doing all of that :D

rmw2hot1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Killzone Shadow Fall is my most anticipated game also I'm so hyped for this game. Easily the best looking First person Shooter coming out at launch.

Agriel1877d ago

Honestly for me both watch dogs and shadowfall are about even on my hype list, guess I will just need to buy both.

jonnyvito1877d ago

Only two games I'm interested in . ShadowFall and WatchDogs

1877d ago
PowerPlayaaa1877d ago

KZ:SF is the game that truely looks like a next gen game,
the graphics and the animations is sick.
Day 1 purchase indeed..

One game that im really stooked about aswell is Knack, i know alot people dont like the looks of that game or the gameplay mechanics.
But there´s something about that game that interests me, and i dont really know what it is, but i sure like the looks of it though..
already preordered KZ:SF & Knack.
Cant wait for my PS4.
Hurry up November, i need a dose of Next gen NOW!!

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