Knack Features Local Co-op Mode

In the co-op mode, player two takes control of a silver robot version of Knack, providing support to player one by fighting enemies and collecting their parts to grow bigger.

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Septic2273d ago

I experienced this first-hand at gamescom and got instantly bored. I think this would be a great title for the younger audience.

SymphonicRain2273d ago

I think I'll like it.

But then again I might be that "younger audience" that you referenced

Septic2273d ago

Well, it was a brief hands on. To be honest, it wasn't a long enough play through but it didn't strike me as something special.

And I wasn't ever really interested in Knack- it played the way I expected it to so don't be disheartened by my opinion on it. If you were interested in it, then you may love it.

2273d ago
pedrof932270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

Well I saw the 10 minute gameplay and I got excited.

3-4-52273d ago

Games like this are best experienced alone so you can immerse yourself within the game.

Playing it at a loud, noisy, crowded convention seems like the LEAST form of fun ever invented.

Way to judge it based on that.

DoomeDx2273d ago

Now I think of it..

How many splitscreen games does the ps4 have so far? :/

slivery2273d ago

Huh? Split screen really sucks but I don't think this game is split screen co-op. Its just on the same screen like Ratchet & Clank.

I haven't played split screen in years. I never liked it when I did even when I was a kid. Even on some of the largest TV's split screen is just not that fun to look at.

Now a days everyone practically has a console or an extra TV to spare. I always just do that instead and basically setup a LAN party. Those are way more fun with friends.

Master-H2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

"Now a days everyone practically has a console or an extra TV to spare." maybe in your rich neighborhood dude, i love split screen because it allows me to play with a lot of my friends who don't have ps3s (even if they did they still have to buy the same game i have to use LAN and would need an extra screen), also allows me to play with my brother.

Split Screen option is always a welcome addition in my book.

kratoz12092273d ago

Awesome was not expecting this :D
Good co op platformer :D

CocoWolfie2273d ago

if anything this will suit all ages the way jak, ratchet and clank, and sly cooper did :)