Microsoft impresses at Gamescom while Sony stands still

How quickly things can change. Just a few short months ago there were already people willing to write off the Xbox One and condemn it as a failure due to Microsoft's policies and confusing messages. Fast forward to present day and the console appears to be in a much stronger position after an impressive showing at Gamescom, especially as Sony seemingly stood still and failed to capitalise on the excitement it generated at E3.

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GameCents1877d ago

I like games. Xbox One has more exclusive next gen games. I like Xbox One.

When the had those horrible policies I still liked their games but I was very vocal that I wouldn't support their console because my rights > games > everything else.

Muerte24941877d ago

Microsoft and Sony have about the same number of exclusives at launch. Microsoft is banking on Forza and Fifa to move units. While Sony is betting on indies, F2P, Driveclub, and Killzone Shadowfall to make it's case. But within the launch window, only Titanfall and Plants VS Zombies will hit the Xbox One. The Order 1886, Infamous Second Son, and Shadow Beast are in the pipeline. We haven't even heard from Sony Santa Monica, Media Molecule, Naughty Dog, Guerrilla Games (team 2), etc. If you just madly in love with COD type games than TitanFall is up your alley.

Bundi1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Project Spark, Fable Legends, Dead Rising 3, D4, Ryse, Halo One, Crimson Dragon, Lococycle, Quantum Break, Killer Instinct, mention indies and free to play games but neglect all these Xbox one games?

The guy says he likes games, not studios, so unannounced games by studios that could take forever revealing them probably don't appeal to him.

LAWSON721877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

It is not called Halo One it has been confirmed to be Halo 5. This is not a Wii game where Wii has to be in the title. MS has their reasons for naming it Xbox One and none of those reasons relate to Halo, so why would they call it Halo One
Also if we are counting games on PC I think the PS4 wins because it is getting loads of indie titles and 3 f2p games. You fanboys must be easy to please with an other crap fable and KI with a terrible f2p model and developed by a bad dev.

voodoochildnyc1877d ago

if you dont think titanfall is amazing your insane and due for a lobotomy. hater...

malokevi1877d ago

I guess DR3... the only open world exclusive launch title, with zeds to boot.... won't move any units?

lawlz. Selective memory. You and your crew suffer from it.

Dakriz1877d ago

My friend Halo One is not Halo 5 ASD it was actually meant tho deliverer a message like say we are coming.

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black0o1877d ago

this's getting old and super lame
OT: Sony gve price drop for vita and ps3, and they just didn't talk about the support for indie but the showed

and release date for ps4, plus an amazing PSN games that are launch exclusively for PS4 and above all they had a freak'n live stream :)

also update on the order 1886, infamous ss KZ MP ...etc

all MS did was fight within and talk about an idea that may happen or they may just drop it like other ideas before "Xbox ID""

Bundi1877d ago

MS also added to their Xbox one exclusive AAA games by revealing Fable Legends. Sony just ran in place while MS pushed on further in the Indie and AAA space.

Manic20141877d ago

"all MS did was fight within and talk about an idea that may happen or they may just drop it like other ideas before "Xbox ID""

Dev's have already started signing up for [email protected], hence i think what they announced; they will stick to it.

Gamerx11877d ago

Since when is Fable considered a AAA game? that game turned to shit after F2

sincitysir11877d ago

@gamerx1 my goodness thank you! everyone keeps mentioning fable like its the holy grail of games.and yet everyone was upset when xbox offered fable 3 for free...what makes people think fable legends will be any better? just saying that i see no reason to be excited for that until we see the reviews or we ourselves we get the game. right now its equivalent to a c list actor. u didnt know they were still acting til you recently saw them as a minor character in a flick. you now know theyre there and are interested...but youre still wary because they might just f*** up. thats fable for u as of right now.

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Gamerx11877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

The PS4 does have a better launch lineup.

Killzone looks amazing and could be the best looking next-gen FPS for a few years (COD won't catch up anytime soon).

Then you have Knack, DriveClub, War Thunder (all launch titles)...
Soon after the PS4 is released Sony has Planetside 2, FF14, Warframe, Infamous: Second Son, The Order 1886 and many other.

Then there is:
• Everybody is going to the Rapture
• Rime
• Helldivers
• Shadow of the Beast

and we still don't know what Naughty Dog, Sony Santa Monica, Media Molecule, Guerilla Games and Quantic Dream are working on

Bundi1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

PC multi plats and indie games. I want next gun games, not $5 games on my $500 machine.

Edit: Knack, lol, thanx for that.

DJMarty1877d ago

LOL, were you watching the same Gamescom. It's 2013 you know. MS been having poor shows since the X1 reveal, whilst Sony has been on fire.


Always will be:)

Bundi1877d ago

180 >'s science.
Games > promises of games.

WeAreLegion1877d ago

That's why we all stopped gaming on the 360. The promise of games is great, but you need to back that up with games.

tarbis1877d ago

Remember when they said PS3 has no games. They were right. I really can't believe the tsunami of games from both east and west pouring out for the 360 this year and the next.

LAWSON721877d ago

Is it pre-2010? Because I have not seen any huge amount of east and west in recent years on just the 360. If it was not for 3rd party the 360 would be as dead as the Wii

Mounce1876d ago

X1 gives more 'promises' and vague responses and misinformation and promises of TEH CLOUD POWAS than Sony.

Sony doesn't need to 'Promise' games, they have the developers under their belt where all Sony has to do is say: "Wait for the tsunami of killer games from developers like Naughty Dog". There is no need of a Promise, when it is GUARANTEED to happen. Buy a PS4, you'll get games that Xbox fanboys wish they could've had, and instead of wishing they turn into feral animals who then slander the exclusives because they're infact upset that they don't have the game to play themselves.

That's all that happened during the 360 genre, so many 360 fans I've seen are upset about The Last of Us, go to any youtube video of it and there's a lot of "y is it not on 360?" or "Itd be better on 360" kind of deluded comments.

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DonFreezer1877d ago

You must be one delusional Sony whore aren't you?

Muerte24941877d ago

they did. That's why one of the biggest software companies in the world couldn't even stream a live press conference. Microsoft just put themselves in a position to control exactly what people got out of the show. We weren't allowed to draw our own conclusions from it. We have the hear other people's opinions and video montages. Then you feed us a heavily edited version of your press conference.

There are still a lot of features you've announced that people have yet to see running on actual hardware. Live streaming, joining sessions in progress, evolution of Xbox Live socializing, etc. You barely have a presence at Tokyo Game Show, and you suppose to launch this fall. I have a much clearer picture the Sony's UI, features, and overall direction with PS4 than I do with Xbox One.

Kleptic1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )


Sony has stayed the course since February...releasing new information every other month, all building on what was initially revealed...

MS has done NOTHING but change policies, back track, completely flip out on a division wide level, back track again, and continue changing policies...and now they're being praised for it...I expected as much from the gaming media, but its still funny...

So I guess i agree with the article...Sony did 'stand still'...meaning...they 9;ve continued the path they set up early this year...while MS has flip flopped so much; industry experts have no clue what the hell is even being released in Nov...Sony has stood still, and absolutely punished MS for the better part of 6 months...

KingKelloggTheWH1877d ago

In all honesty Gamescom was boring on all sides of the fence.

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