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Dealspwn: But the Xbox One controller might be in another league in terms of comfort. It's smaller than the Xbox 360's game pad, sitting in the hands the way that Ubisoft's limited edition Ghost Recon Future Soldier pad did, albeit without the mesh grips (more on that in a bit). But the shape is still incredibly pleasing.

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KingKelloggTheWH2274d ago

I really like that its more like the Xbox-S controller, I prefered it over the 360's.

Mystogan2274d ago

I don't understand the hostility towards AA batteries. They claim Microsoft just wants to make money out of the accessories.

Truth is, They barely make any money from accessories.

cee7732274d ago

A rechargeable battery cost less than $5 to manufacture Microsoft sells these batteries for $ 15+ tax for Xbox 360 and $ 25+ tax for x1.

You do the math 3 to 5x the markups = pure profit.

JOLLY12274d ago

I am guessing that packaging is free and the company that sells the product makes no money. Damn you Microsoft!

Master-H2273d ago

They DO make extra money off the accessories.
They also decrease the cost of manufacturing of the controllers , so it's a win-win for them.
The customer on the other hand has to pay extra for the recharging kit or keep paying for AA batteries..
I mean what electronic device still uses AA batteries these days ? besides remotes i can't think of anything, and remote batteries stay a loooooong while before they need to be changed, a game console controller on the other hand should be rechargeable , this is 2013 ffs.

Genesis12952274d ago

Cant wait to touch this controller in many areas.

2274d ago
falcon972274d ago

It's still just a standard controller like classic pro or Sonys controller ?? GAMEPAD is the only new controller it has everything builts in voice chat,video chat,dual rumble,amazing sound,thumb sticks perfectly positioned,NFC,Infared,Blutoot h,ect come on...

skydragoonity2274d ago

I love the design of this controller.

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