Titanfall Preview | "Prepare For Titanfall" - We Go Hands-On With Respawn's Shooter (Dealspwn)

Dealspwn: "Prepare for Titanfall," a female voice crackles over the in-game mic as I punch a button on the keyboard. I turn my gaze to the heavens and wait, breathlessly. An aircraft screams by overhead and a shape appears, hurtling towards the ground, barrelling through the clouds. It lands with a thud that kicks up a dusty film, fogging my vision for a few milliseconds. I hammer the 'E' button on my keyboard with impunity just as a smouldering enemy Titan stomps around the corner. Its cannon misses me but the red mist signifies a little collateral damage.

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1974d ago
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skydragoonity1974d ago

Can't wait to play this game with the dual shock 4 on my ps4 or even remotely on my vita :)

alb18991974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

then keep waiting and sit down and bring some snacks and something where you can peeee............cause you'll wait very long my friend and is not for yes, maybe you will jus spent your time.
Titanfall is out first than infamous and X1 launch titles are looking very solid for my taste.

skydragoonity1974d ago

At least I'll have killzone shadow fall, infamous second son & some other solid exclusives to pass time by so its ok by me

alb18991974d ago

you see.....i don't see anyone (fan of XBOX) saying that want Kill zone for X1 but in every article of Titan fall is full of SONY fans wondering if one day......LOL!

JokesOnYou1974d ago

Ok Skydragon, as for me I'ma go with my X1 with dedicated servers, Xbox live, no waiting. Enjoy KZ.

thrust1974d ago

Can not wait to play this on the xbox one.

xbox one baby!

Supermax1974d ago

Why would I want killzone on X1 when I can play it on ps4 and still play titanfall on my really should have both systems if you like games.900 dollars divided by 8 years of the consoles cycle is 112 dollars,that's 9 dollars a month for 8 years.gamers game.

hankmoody1974d ago

I'll be getting the PS4 when I see something that impresses me on it. Nothing from their launch title list has grabbed my attention.

Brix901974d ago

If the console or history of games hasn't caught your intention don't bother.

creatchee1974d ago


inFamous: Second Son looks awesome. That's when I'm getting my PS4 - hopefully with a themed bundle.

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