Killer Instinct Isn’t Free-To-Play, It’s The World’s Most Generous Demo Says Dev

Killer Instinct isn’t a free-to-play game, it’s just the world’s most generous demo according to Microsoft’s Ken Lobb.

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HolyDuck1881d ago

Drive Club Ps Version is essentially the same thing, so they're both going to be very generous demos, I can see Drive Club giving you a little bit more though.

Ron_Danger1881d ago

And I think the full version of drive club also has more than 6 cars.

Mystogan1881d ago

Its a driving game. Killer Instinct is a fighting game. The world has more then 1000 different car manufacturers. What do you expect?

strifeblade1881d ago

6 cars and 7 of the 52 tracks thats like 1/8 of the game lol.

SuperLupe1881d ago

What is wrong with you people ... ?

On topic: I plan on getting the full version anyway, will cost cheaper and s more convenient than buying one character left and right.

Im no big fan of fighting games but KI got me completely hyped. The last time I bought a fighting game was Soul Calibur 2 on the Gamecube

malokevi1881d ago

They are all completely mind-F*#ked. That's whats wrong.

I'm with yah, KI looks sick. Though, I'll probably just grab the 6 character pack for 20 bucks. Not a huge fighter fan, so this seems like the ideal option. If I want a particular character after that I'll drop 5 bucks.

HammadTheBeast1881d ago

I was just hoping for a few more characters, I'm still holding out for Cinder.

And Double Helix had me worried.

ShugaCane1881d ago

You'll have more than one car and one track in the PS+ edition of DriveClub. And it's free. In KI you get ONE fighter for free. This is essentially not the same thing. At all.

HolyDuck1881d ago

Essentially does not mean completely the same, which is exactly why I said.

Please take all of it in the context it is written from.

They both put in the same practises, full game, less content, you can buy the content if you want but you don't have to to complete the game.

ShugaCane1881d ago


Well, it's completely different. The free edition of DriveClub stands on its own. Less content indeed but enough to have some fun. What are you going to do with one fighter in KI ? Where's the fun in that ? I mean, on the long term the free versions of those two games have not that much in commun. They really don't.

malokevi1881d ago

"What are you going to do with one fighter in KI ?"

Play the single player mode and compete online with other players?

this pissing contest is pathetic. Both games will be fine... one is a fighter and the other is a racing game. Why are you standing there shaking your dicks at each other? Just be happy for christ sake.

badz1491881d ago (Edited 1881d ago ) least they admitted that it's not a true F2P! bottom line is, you can't claim you're something that you are NOT!

...a very generous demo? lol, so other true F2P are what? GOD of all demo?

FamilyGuy1881d ago

F2P games are F2P games. They usually have way more content than what KI is offering. It's F2P in the sense that it makes it's money through microtrnsactions. It's a digital game with a limited number of character that will increase over time. Even if you buy the bundle to access all the content at its launch you'll eventually end up spending more than $60 when they release the next wave of characters.

Driveclub PS+ Edition is NOT a free to play game and has never claimed to be. It's the full version of DriveClub with a lower number of cars and tracks. It's not built to sell you on tons of microtransactions like a free to play title is. It has a full retail version that can be bought in stores. Not something with content held simply to sell it to you in pieces. It's meant to be a gift to usher in the launch of PS+ on PS4 with a PS4 game. With it being a brand new game they couldn't simply just give the whole game away for free.

rainslacker1881d ago

It's still F2P. Just uses various models taken from this gen and mashes them all together in this abomination of Micro-Transactions.

Come to think of it, Maybe this can be the first game funded by Macro-Transactions, given how little content you get for a relatively high price.

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MizTv1881d ago

So how much does the full game cost?

jairusmonillas1881d ago

$40 with less than 8 rosters lol.

Mystogan1881d ago

Its $20 for 8 characters.

creatchee1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )


it's 20 bucks for 8 characters (6 at launch, 2 soon after). It's only 40 if you want extra skins and a port of the original arcade game.

Edit: to whatever fanboy/moron disagreed with me, learn to read...

MizTv1881d ago

I fell like its alot of money for only 8 characters

DonFreezer1881d ago

20 fucking usd and the ps chaps still cry about something that they are not gonna play.

AnteCash1881d ago

Finaly people will realise there is no free to play on xbox.

Volkama1881d ago

You say that like it is a bad thing.

When a game is free to play it is not a sign of generosity. It is just a sign that a greedy publisher somewhere believes they will make more money with this alternative payment model. That isn't much to brag about.

I'm not weighing in on which console is better or what value there is to be had from any particular game, just pointing out that a free to play game is not a gift.

Spoons1881d ago

Finally someone sees the truth. Nothing is life is free, ultimately it all comes down to profit.

Mystogan1881d ago

Happy Wars, Project Spark, World of Tanks, Spartacus. Dead Rising 2(And Case West, Assassins Creed 2, Crackdown said hi.

AnteCash1881d ago

Can you get those games without Gold sub...i didnt think so...

Lucy181881d ago

Wait, I’m pretty sure Injustice had 4 characters in its demo so… How is this 1 character “demo” so generous?

solidjun51881d ago

The distinction is that in Injustice, you can 4 characters but you can only play against each other. You get no story mode, and I believe you don't get to play online -I could be wrong on this aspect. Nonetheless, with Killer Instinct, you can play Jago online and the single player story mode with him only.

On topic: I really don't see how this isn't free-to-play. I think it just is. I don't know why he's trying to go around it. I wouldn't characterize this as the "world's most generous demo."

ForgottenProphecy1881d ago

I think he's trying to get around the "free-to-play" label, because free-to-play usually means pay-to-win, and when you only have 1 out of the 8 characters, there is a very good chance the other 7 are stronger than the one you get, making it a pay-to-win, because you have to pay $40 to get all the good characters.

ForgottenProphecy1881d ago

Because you can play with all your friends and random strangers online. If that one character is the only one you intend on using, there is no point in buying the game.

skydragoonity1881d ago

All i know is that I'm looking forward to playing killer instinct.

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