DICE downplays Battlefield annualisation rumours

DICE has downplayed suggestions that the Battlefield series could become annualised, telling VideoGamer that it "can't build a game every year".

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black0o2267d ago

Dear DiCE NO No No ....
we are already paying twise for the dam game (the game and season pass)

some of us are already saying that BF4 is more like BF3.5

ritsuka6662267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

Their not making quality games anymore just making them for money. just face the fact that any game made by Electronic Aholes will be bad.

KAEM72267d ago

EA is truly f'ing everything up it touches. I had hopes DICE might be able to function very well under EA for they are so big and popular they could stay the beloved developer they were, but it seems they are getting screwed by EA too. I bet most devs at DICE are starting to loathe EA by now.

ArchangelMike2267d ago

I'm really not liking the news I'm hearing about the PS4 version looking really downgraded. They haven't even shown the game running on XOne yet. I know I know, it's developed for PC an ported down for the 'next-gen' consoles.

Quote from the article ""We're trying to push the boundaries, we're not trying to, like, 'Oh, Battlefield will sell itself. Let's make something half-ass.' So it's a challenge."

So optimise the game for your platforms. We all know they have the power to push more polygons, don't rush it to market just to try and beat COD: Ghosts.

ritsuka6662267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

PS4 version looking really downgraded. '

BF4 from PS4 runs in native 720 P only.


SeanScythe2267d ago

Geez you people are so annoying, the PS4 cost about as much as a graphics card needed to run BF4 at ultra settings. Before it was the fact that the maps and player count are not true battlefield, now that that's been taken care of you just complain about something else. I have a gaming PC but I'm not about to run out and upgrade my PC every time a new game comes out that requires a faster this or more powerful that in order to get the VERY Best it can be.

And when it comes to PC's what's to say you're getting the best? If my pc is better than yours then wouldn't that mean I'm better and yours is downgraded?

Kurylo3d2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

Dont upgrade your pc then. My 5 year old pc will run bf4 at better quality then ps3 lol.

Its a myth that people have to continuiously upgrade to the latest and greatest card.

The fact that you can upgrade shouldnt be a negative.. it should be a positive. The fact that you dont need a entirely new system each console generation.. u just swap out for a $150 graphics card and beat the current gen console is awesome.. lol.. Keep the rest of the parts the same.

B-radical2267d ago

I think the whole point of bf4 is to have a bf game on the console at laucnh so they can put alot more time into say bad company 3 or bf5 but ofcourse battlefront 3 will give them some time to come up with new ideas

HaMM4R2267d ago

For me battlefield is really starting to go down hill. The game is slowly becoming more and more simple. Back in the days of BF2, there was an in depth class system that everyone had to work together to get the most of. People could only spawn on squad leaders, making them useful. There were fantastic mods that allowed experiences on par if not better than the core game itself.

Where is the battlefield I love? First it was announcing DLC before the game was even out. No mod support and having to pay extra just for the full BF experience. If they go annual it will just kill the game. For me the game is already dying, but I really hope they can do something to bring it back from the dead.

Flavor2267d ago

Check out project reality mod for BF2. Blows any other military fps out of the water.

HaMM4R2267d ago

Thats the mod I play most :P That and FH2. Me and a friend play almost every weekend.

Hufandpuf2267d ago

Remember that BF2 only had 2 game modes. BF4 seems just like BF2 except with better graphics, physics, game modes, and destruction/levolution. I believe that BF4 is the true sequel to BF2 that BF3 tried to be but was held back by the need to make more money by marketing it for the consoles.

jcnba282267d ago

I would like to play this game but I just can't support EA anymore.

2267d ago
TacticAce2267d ago

Its not going to happen they have their hands full with star wars battlefront and the new mirrors edge. If anything they might get another studio to bring back the bad company series.

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