Final Fantasy XIV: ARR: A fun MMORPG I’ll never play again

My brief foray into a Realm Reborn

When I was heard that Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn was coming to the PS3 I didn’t cross my mind to give it a try. I didn’t bother with Final Fantasy XI on Xbox 360, so why bother with this new release. I saw what happened to the first version of FF XIV when my brother downloaded this title only to see how his laptop could handle the graphics.

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ben_jamin02276d ago

I wanted to get into this title, I had beta access but just couldn't find the time which is a shame as that basically meant that I would forever be putting off playing it and the monthly fee would just spike me

Dno2276d ago

So you like the game its a great game but your to cheap for the fee?

Got ya I like it also!

Bolts2276d ago

This is a fail review in all sense of the phrase. A MMO review who barely have time to play the game, then with those constraints he choose to play a game which the majority of the player base are international players who don't speak English. Oh, and I think this game is multiplat too so there are consoles players struggling to communicate in text with a gamepad.

No wonder he complained about the lack of communications. LMAO.

belac092276d ago

such a pointless review. this game is amazing! if you dont have the time to play an mmo then dont try to review it. jesus christ people!

worldwidegaming2276d ago

Times hard right? Maybe you should cut back on cell service, slow down the internet and starbucks if you buy it. If you want it you will pay.

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