Why The New Splinter Cell Is On My Blacklist - NAGF

Rob from NAGF writes "Sam Fisher has moved away from his arthritic self and looks like he’s been downing vitality yoghurts by the 8-pack. He glides through Libya, Marawa, Dallas and many more worldwide locations, with as much finesse as Ezio from Assassin’s Creed."

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TheGreatGamer1882d ago

This is a wildly underrated review

Donnieboi1882d ago

The review is underrated? What?

Dakriz1882d ago

Didn't read the review but i play the game and I love it. So give it a zero and it won't affect the fact that I am enjoying being a Ghost Or a Panther cause Assault is just not my style.

4logpc1882d ago

Reviewer is a little biased.

He is more upset that the game doesn't play like classics such a Chaos Theory.

Time to let go.

Blacklist is an amazing game.

live2play1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

I think this guy just wanted a chance to use that stupid "pun"
like if he is clever or something

tell me on what blacklist of yours is it on?

krazykombatant1882d ago

LOL review is way biassed, its a good game for what it is. You wanted stealth we got it back. Is it better than Chaos Theory no, but it excels at what it is.

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