Monster Hunter 4 Opening Movie Revealed

Rice Digital have picked up on Capcom's freshly released Monster Hunter 4 Opening Movie - and suitably epic it looks too.

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Patashnik2278d ago

I didn't pick up the last one because I've been too distracted by the Vita.

Lord_Sloth2278d ago

Wish MH was ON the Vita....

XB1_PS42278d ago

Don't we all.. Mine hasn't gotten much play since I finished Gravity Rush and Persona4.

Blacktric2278d ago

"...because I've been too distracted by the Vita"

Thanks for this completely irrelevant information that is totally not a covert trolling attempt.

erikthegman2278d ago

It's not trolling if It's true. I was planning on picking up a 3ds and mh3 ultimate but I too have had too many vita games to play.

Blacktric2278d ago

"It's not trolling if It's true"

It is trolling if you post a comment about how you didn't get the third game because you were too busy with Vita, on a newspiece about Monster Hunter 4, which is a 3DS exclusive.

2277d ago