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VideoGamer: "A mech without guns is like a fry-up without the bacon. You think it'll be alright, but when it comes down to business it feels wrong. Your mech in Lost Planet 3 has no guns. IT HAS NO GUNS! It's also slow, fights like a Real Steel robot controlled with Kinect, can't fly, and breaks down more often than Britney Spears. But hey, at least it can turn into a fixed drilling platform so you can fight in dull Horde Mode-like sequences in the latter third of this prequel set on icy Akrid-infested planet E.D.N. III."

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ritsuka6661878d ago

Yep sent to die this game.

aPerson1878d ago

Spark Unlimited are responsible for Turning Point and Legendary.

This game was destined to fail.

abzdine1878d ago

the first and second one never were big hits. this is what happens when japanese developers lose dignity and forget their roots by trying to make a souless shooter game

Adolph Fitler1878d ago

This series has always been mediocre at best, since the 1st one that Xbots raved about, like it was something special, because they had nothing else on the console that was any good at that time, apart from Dead Rising, which is an arcade type, quick hit & run game. Very befitting score to a very average series. Stop concertrating on making rehashes of the same SF, SFvsM, & the such, & get back to your SNES, PS1 & PS2 days, where you actually made masses of genre defining games. Shadow of there former self, & carbon copying Activisions business strategies will send you broke Capcom. Ztop with the half arsed SF sequel, upon sequel, upon sequel, upon sequel, & the nickel & dime dlc tactics, & make some creative & great games again..... Try using your Japanese developers again, so we can get games with the quality, originality, genius & other Japanese style production values & processes that used to set you apart & define Capcom as if not one of, then THE BEST developers that existed. Final Fight, Ghouls'n'Ghosts, Maximo, DMC, Onimusha, Resident Evil 1&2, & the list could go on, of classic games from a Capcom long lost to Crapcom.

Kurt Russell1878d ago

I liked the first one, it was something a bit different that felt "next gen" at the time and had one of the better MP experiences outside of ghost recon. I also thought it looked really nice (at the time).

I don't know why I am writing this response really... Anyone who uses the term "xbot" and hasn't grasped the concept of punctuation is hardly going to entertain the concept of subjectivity and realise their folly in throwing their opinions around as fact.

admiralvic1878d ago

Lost Planet has a terrible story and some generic elements, but the series also has a lot of unique / awesome ideas. While people seem to generally hate 2, I still loved it for all the hidden stuff you could do.

2 had support weapons that turned into super weapons (they had different attacks based off your guns), mechs that turned into motorcycles / transparent / ships / two of them could combine together / etc, lots of teamwork based objectives and much more. Even the spin off E.X. Troopers was extremely unique, but not as well as the others.

Either or, no series deserves to have its name dragged through the mud by a poor developer or at least one that doesn't understand what makes the series popular / interesting.

CocoWolfie1878d ago

kinda a waste :/ the concept sounds okay, the idea of 'the thing' type vibe, monsters, snow, mech's... but yeah, i remember a livestream awhile ago of the multiplayer and it just seemed bland, like any other 3rd person game, like why not create a game mode with mech's only, it could be a big selling point, maybe create an open world map with a day and night cycle, i dunno but yeah.. :/