Why Watch Dogs Won't Suck - Video Feature

Clickonline writes: "The open world game is heading to consoles in November and we're throwing questions at Click's Mark O'Beirne to let him tell us (and you) why you should shell our your hard earned cash."

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HolyDuck2268d ago

Watch Dogs is literally the second biggest thing I'm looking forward too this gen. It adds completely different gameplay to anything we've really seen before.

Watch Dogs
PS4/XB1 Release

This year is going to be insane.

Tw1tch3D2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

hmmmm, let me see...Watch Dogs or The Division?

The Division hands down. I don't know but Watch Dogs is kinda so so, because it's also a current gen so there will be a mini set back there.

HolyDuck2268d ago

Agreed, the Division looks incredibly, but I'm not entirely sure it's being released this year.

Next year, with The Division & The Crew, I can already see next year being insane too.

Considering Watch Dogs is current gen, it still looks unique, I'm getting it for the Pc because it'll obviously have all feature current gen and next gen versions will have.

JackOfAllBlades2268d ago

How can it suck when it will be awesome!