Head to Head: The DualShock 3

Adam welcomes EGM's Shane Bettenhausen and IGN's Greg Miller to discuss the new DualShock 3 controller.

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Mikey_Gee3844d ago

.. and must say I love having rumble back, much rather the heavier feel and the plastic is no longer semi-transparent like the original.

Very happy I grabbed one.

mikeslemonade3844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

I can take or leave rumble. If sixaxis is a cheaper option im going to continue to buy that until it's discontinued and I love the long battery charge of sixaxis. On Wii i can get about 2 play sessions and then I have to charge the damn wiimote because rumble really takes a toll on battery life.

tweaker3844d ago

You'd be surprised how long the DS3 lasts. It may even take the win for a longer lasting charge than the Sixaxis. The DS3 did have a slightly different looking battery in there when I opened it up.

Mikey_Gee3844d ago

I had no idea the Wii mote was so bad on batteries.

My 360 controllers with rumble last forever on two cheap AA batteries that I buy in bulk at Costco at $11 for 48 of them. I get a boat load of play out of just one set. I takes me FOREVER to use the entire 48 pack up (actually, I am still on the 48 pack I bought a little over a year ago.

dantesparda3843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )

I agree, the Wii is by far the worst on batteries, luckily i use rechargeable batteries on it (which could be why the battery life is so bad). But didnt Gamepro do a comparison where they had the sixaxis doing worst than the wiimote? That's bullsh!t! completely and utter bullsh!t! from my experience the sixaxis lasts waylonger then wiimote (but the 360 controller does last the longest). And am i the only one who likes the fact that the sixaxis is light? I prefer to use my wired 360 controller over my wireless one because it is lighter (even with the weight the wire adds to it) and i dont have to worry about the batteries. But wires are messy, i must say, lol!

Mikey_Gee3843d ago

I really HATE the cheap light feel of the PS3 controller. It just feels like it was made for delicate use.

I LOVE the heavier feel of the new DS3 (and of course the rumble). It feels much more solid in my hands and that alone really attracted me to the new DS3.

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solar3844d ago

MGS4 uses the rumble really well. great to hear. i picked up a ds3 yesturday to reign supreme over my 2 sixaxis only controllers. gonna pick up another in the coming months. i havent owned 4 controllers for one system since Dreamcast. RIP Dreamcast. you are missed.

Fishy Fingers3844d ago

Still bust out the old Dreamcast occasionally for some 4 player Power Stone fun :)

solar3844d ago

yes power stone was awesome. reason why i bought the DC. mine away it went to the game console heavens. :(

HydroBoy3844d ago

how is sony eatin their words ? didnt they bring it back cause fans wanted it back ? . . . i didnt miss rumble, i could have lived without it ..but its nice to have it back .

whoelse3844d ago

They said rumble was last gen and motion sensitive was the future.

Superiorrior3844d ago

Rumble is last gen, but just because it is doesn't mean it's bad, it's a step in immersion, same with motion sensing.

tweaker3844d ago

It was a spin on Sony's part. But we all know it was because of the legal issues with Immersion that caused them to leave rumble out. Sony was just covering up.

khellendros13844d ago

I agree. They didn't eat their words. They just didn't expect gamers to cry about it as much as they did. So they listened to the consumer and brought it back.

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trancefreak3844d ago

Got 1 last night and it felt nice and solid + the overall buttons and stuff felt smoother too me. i really like it just played rv6 and i felt the rumble.

BigKev453844d ago

Just got mine last week, it's nice to have rumble once again.

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